It's that time of year when nights are getting longer, and colder air starts returning southward into the mountains and piedmont of the southeast. With this mind, we look for temperatures to begin dropping toward and below the freezing mark. Those who are in the agricultural business or just home gardeners should be aware of when our average first freeze is. A freeze is when temperatures drop to at or below 32 degrees F for a few hours. This is sufficient to end the growing season. The first map below shows the time period of when we expect our average first freeze, 50 percent of the time.

The second map below that indicates when the growing season has ended across the area, 90 percent of the time. This is normally when the latest dates the NWS Blacksburg office, ends the Frost/Freeze program for the growing season. October 25th for the mountains, and November 5th for the foothills and piedmont.

Map of Average First Freeze Dates
Average First Freeze Dates, 50 percent of the time, when a freeze (32F or colder) occurs

End of the Frost/Freeze Program
End of the Frost/Freeze Program