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Bohemia, NY.

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Eastern Region Station Digests



OFFICE LOCATION: The office is located in Spartanburg County at the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport, which straddles the Greenville County-Spartanburg County border. The airport is off Interstate 85 about midway between the cities of Greenville and Spartanburg, near the town of Greer. The mailing address is: 1549 GSP Dr., Greer, SC.

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OFFICE ACTIVITY: This is a full service NWSO with responsibility for 46 counties in Upstate South Carolina, extreme northeast Georgia, and western North Carolina. Forecasting challenges include: 1) a significant amount of severe weather, especially during the spring and summer, 2) the threat of flash floods and river flooding resulting from abundant moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean flowing up the elevated terrain of the foothills and mountains, 3) high winds and heavy rains from the remnants of landfalling tropical cyclones, and 4) a variety of winter weather hazards modified by the complex topography.

The office supports a network of more than 130 cooperative observers, a large IFLOWS system, a very active SKYWARN network, and prepares broadcasts for three NOAA Weather Radio transmitters.

TRANSIENT AND PERMANENT LIVING FACILITIES: There are many hotels and motels in the area, including accommodations for families for extended periods. The area has been ranked in U.S. News and World Report’s top 25 housing markets for the last three years. The average price for a two-bedroom house in early 1996 was $55,260; for a three-bedroom house, $96,740; and for a four-bedroom house, $178,620. The overall average price for a single-family home was $138,100. Real estate prices have shown a steady rise in recent years, typical of a rapidly growing area.

AIRPORT EATING FACILITIES: The airport terminal houses a fine restaurant with moderate prices and offers a discount to airport employees, including those of the National Weather Service.

COMMUNITY DESCRIPTION: The upstate of South Carolina comprises the mountains, foothills, and parts of the piedmont. The Greenville-Spartanburg area is included in a five-county Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) of more than 868,800 people. The area, once known exclusively as a world center for the textile industry, today features a highly diverse business and industrial base. Today Greenville is rapidly becoming known as a world engineering center. World leaders in the engineering and construction industry have described Greenville as "one of the four engineering centers in the world." Peach growing and dairy farming are primary agricultural activities. Outdoor activities include excellent hunting/fishing, water sports on the many large lakes, nearby snow skiing, hiking, and trips to the coast. There are excellent opportunities for spectator sports since several universities field nationally competitive teams in various sports.

Greenville and Spartanburg are hosts to minor league baseball teams, while Atlanta and Charlotte are within a short drive for those interested in the big leagues. The construction of the new Bi-Lo Center is a $59 million sports and entertainment facility (and the largest of its kind in South Carolina) will house top-quality events ranging from professional sports to major concerts. Area universities provide outstanding studies in many fields. Among them are Clemson, Furman, Bob Jones, Wofford, USC-Spartanburg, and Presbyterian College. There are several other smaller schools. Greenville Technical College provides individual technical courses to the community at large as well as its regular student curricula. The Greenville County school system is the largest district in the state and offers many programs to meet the diverse educational needs of more than 55,000 students. There are many day care facilities to accommodate the needs of the growing number of working mothers. Entertainment is typical of that available in medium size cities, with many plays, concerts, and museums in the area.

TAX INFORMATION: A 5% sales tax is generally imposed on the retail sale of goods and services purchased out of state and brought into South Carolina. There is also a 2% accommodations tax. Residential property is assessed at 4% (owner occupied) or 6% (investment/rental) of fair market value. The tax levy on real property depends upon the location of the property within a particular taxing district. South Carolina state income tax compares with rates in neighboring southern states.

CLIMATE: Nestled against the mountains, the Greenville-Spartanburg area enjoys a superb climate. Even in the summer heat, low temperatures normally drop into the upper 60s. Autumn is a very beautiful time of year. Seventy degree weather frequently lasts into November, and sometimes into December. After the cold weather of January, there are usually a few 70 degree days either in late February or early March. Greenville-Spartanburg receives about 48 inches of rain per year and snowfall averages about 6 inches per year.

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