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Eastern Region Station Digests



Station Location:  The office is located three miles northeast of the city in the National Weather Service building at Wilmington International Airport.  The office can be reached by going north from town on U.S. 117 or north on 23rd Street from U.S. 17 (Market Street).  The address is 2015 Gardner Drive, Wilmington, NC 28405.   

 Station Activity:  The approximate year round population of the county warning area is over one million but may double during the summer tourist season.  The office program consists of:  (1)  Warning and forecast responsibility for six counties in southeast North Carolina and eight counties in northeast South Carolina.  (2)  Aviation forecasts for five airports;  (3)  Hydrologic service area responsibility for the Black, Cape Fear, Lumber, and Pee Dee River basins;  (4)  NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts from five transmitters;  (5)  WSR-88D Radar – The radar is located in Shallotte, NC, about 40 miles southwest of the forecast office;  (6)  Data quality control and maintenance of four ASOS sites and numerous LARC precipitation and river stage gages;  (7)  Cooperative observers program responsibility;  (8)  Public briefings both in person and by phone;  (9)  Media briefing upon request (radio and television broadcasts;)  (10)  Warning preparedness program for county warning area;  (11)  Public forecasts; (12)  Daily fire weather forecasts and spot forecasts upon request;  (13)  Marine forecasts from about 150 miles of coastline out 20 nautical miles, and warnings out 40 nautical miles;  (14)  Staffing:  there are 23 positions assigned to the station:  MIC, SOO, WCM, ESA, ASA, IT, SH, OPL, ten forecasters, one meteorologist intern, two HMTs, and two ETs.

 Transient and Permanent Living Accomodations:  There is a wide variety of hotels which include the major chain hotels and beach resorts.  Condos and cottages are available at local beaches for weekly and long term vacation rentals.

Apartment rentals begin around $700.00 and a 1,400 square foot home starts around $1,000.00 per month.  The average price of a home sold in the first part of 2006 was $265,477.00.  Prices are substantially higher in many subdivisions and at area beaches.

 Local Transportation:  Wilmington International Airport serves more than three quarter million people each year.  The two main carriers are US Airways and Delta.  Rental cars and taxis are available at the airport.   There is no bus transportation to the airport. 

 Eating Facilities:  There are fast food and sandwich shops located within five minutes of the station.  The majority of restaurants are located downtown, Wrightsville Beach, or along major corridors.  Wilmington has a wide array of high quality seafood and international restaurants.  Major restaurant chains are also well represented throughout the area.

 Community Description:  Wilmington is located on the Cape Fear River about 10 miles from the Atlantic Ocean.  The port city is one of the oldest in North Carolina and has one of the largest historic districts listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  Wilmington is the main shopping center for the southeastern section of the state.  Wilmington’s mild climate and rich history afford year round enjoyment of sports, beaches, shopping, and historic explorations.  Population of the City of Wilmington is 95,000 and New Hanover County is 175,000.

 Education:  Located within the county, in addition to public and privates schools, are UNCW and Cape Fear Community College.  The University of North Carolina at Wilmington has 10,000 students and is consistently ranked as one of the top universities in the south.  UNCW is a leader in Marine Science Education, and offers 36 undergraduate degrees and 20 postgraduate degree programs.   Cape Fear Community College is a part of the NC Community College system and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.  It offers various degree programs and current full time enrollment is 4,500 students. 

 Taxes:  Property tax rates are assessed on 100% valuation.  Residents living in the city of Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach and Kure Beach are subject to the rate for their municipality plus the rate for the county.  Residents not living within the municipality are subject to the county rate plus a Fire District tax.  Current rates for New Hanover County are $0.68, Wilmington-$0.46, Carolina Beach-$0.395, Kure Beach-$0.295, Wrightsville Beach-$0.143, and the Fire District tax is $0.06.  Brunswick County is assessed at $0.52 and Pender County $0.67.

 Child Care:  There are numerous day care facilities throughout the area.

 Climate:  Wilmington has warm and humid summers, but mild winters.  During the months of June through August the normal high temperature is in the upper 80s, overnight lows are in the lower 70s.  The record high temperature for Wilmington is 104 degrees.  Virtually all summer days have the moderating effect of a sea breeze.  During the months of December through February the normal high temperature is in the upper 50s, overnight lows are in the mid to upper 30s.  The record low temperature for Wilmington is 0 degrees.  Accumulating snow is a rare event.  Most of the year’s precipitation comes as summertime showers, thunderstorms, and tropical cyclones, but in the cooler months of the year prolonged rainy spells are not unusual.

 Map attained at www.maps.google.com

      Updated October 2006 


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