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STATION LOCATION: The Weather Service is located in Montgomery County, on the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center (VT CRC), 1750 Forecast Drive, Blacksburg, Virginia. The VT CRC is one mile from the main campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and from downtown Blacksburg. It is about nine miles from the Blacksburg/Christiansburg exit on Interstate 81. The nearest commercial airport is located in Roanoke, Virginia, 41 miles away. The public telephone number (with ring-thru recorder) is 1-800-221-2659.

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STATION ACTIVITY: The NWSO is responsible for issuing warnings and other products for a 40-county area which includes four counties in West Virginia, nine counties in North Carolina and 27 counties in Virginia. Under the Blacksburg umbrella are Roanoke, Lynchburg and Danville, Virginia; Bluefield and Lewisburg, West Virginia; and Boone, Mounty Airy and Reidsville, North Carolina. Programs of responsibility include Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts for five locations, Short Term Forecasts, Hydrologic products, NOAA Weather Radio consisting of three transmitters, Cooperative Observer Programs, in addition to Doppler Radar and Upper Air Observations. The office is also involved with collaborative research efforts with the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

TRANSIENT AND PERMANENT LIVING QUARTERS: There are 11 hotels, with varying price ranges within nine miles of the Blacksburg office. Seven are located within two miles. Apartments, townhouses and home rentals are plentiful, accept during the July, August and September timeframe. One-bedroom apartments start at $240, two-bedrooms start at $270, three-bedrooms start at $330, four-bedrooms start at $580 but are not plentiful as the one, two and three and occasionally there are some five-bedroom apartments available. Rental homes start at $350 and range to $1200 depending on the size you need. Townhouses star at $360 for a two-bedroom and range to $900 for a four-bedroom. Homes are relatively plentiful in Blacksburg, with prices ranging from $131,000 to $401,000. In nearby towns the averages are broken down as: (1) Christiansburg, $96,000 to $298,000 and (2) Montgomery County, $121,000 to $507,000.

EATING FACILITIES: There are approximately 55 restaurants.

LOCAL TRANSPORTATION: There are various services from the airport to Blacksburg. There is a bus system that runs all around Blacksburg that is an excellent mode of transportation. There is a stop about one-eighth of a mile from the office. There is also a Two Town Trolley that goes between Blacksburg and Christiansburg.

COMMUNITY DESCRIPTION: Blacksburg, located in Montgomery County, is in southwestern Virginia and has many opportunities for hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor recreation. The community center provides a variety of activities for individuals of all ages. There is an indoor and outdoor aquatic center.

There are various hiking trails, bike trails and nature preserves. The Appalachian Trail is only 10 miles from the office. There are 13 public tot playgrounds for the younger children. There is also a driving range, bowling alley, three golf courses, tennis courts and parks. The public schools in Blacksburg are excellent. There are 10 preschools, four elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. There are also five private schools. There are three different colleges in the area. The largest of the three being Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. The population of Montgomery County is 73,913, with the population of Blacksburg being 34,590.

TAX INFORMATION: State individual tax rates on net income after allowable deductions and exemptions is as follows:

Income of $3000 to $5000 - 3%
Income of $5000 to $15000 - 5%
Income of $15000 and over - $5.75%

Real estate tax rate per $100 is $.20 for the Town of Blacksburg and $.70 for Montgomery County. The personal property tax rate per $100 for motor vehicles is $2.30 and for machinery/tools is $1.82.

CHILD CARE FACILITIES: There are nine different nursery, kindergarten and other child-care facilities in Blacksburg. All of these day care facilities are within six miles of the office.

CLIMATE: Blacksburg is located in north central Montgomery County which is in the southwestern part of the Great Valley of Virginia. The winters are moderately cold and the summers are relatively cool. The nearby mountains produce various steering, blocking and modifying effects on storms and air masses. The county is thus, somewhat, protected from the weather extremes of winter and summer. Prevailing winds are generally westerly with a more northerly component in the winter and a more southerly component in the summer. Daytime highs during the cold season are in the middle 40's with nighttime lows in the middle 20's. Maximum temperatures in the 70's and minimum temperatures as low as -12 are the extremes during the winter season. Daytime highs during the summer are usually in the low 80's and nighttime lows in the upper 50's. A maximum temperature of 100 and a minimum temperature of 41 are the extremes during the summer season. Precipitation is well distributed throughout the year with the maximum in July and the minimum in November. Monthly amounts of rainfall vary from less than one-fourth of an inch up to 10.29 inches. The average annual rainfall for Blacksburg is 40.91 inches. The station’s elevation of over 2100 feet helps to keep the humidity at comfortable levels. Thunderstorms occur on an average of 40 days during the year, which is about average for the state. In winter much of the precipitation falls as snow. The average annual snowfall is 20 inches although the amounts have ranged from as little as two inches to as high as 74 inches, which was recorded during the 1995-96 season.

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