Interagency Agreement for the Meteorological Services in Support of Agencies with Land and Fire Management Responsibilities (Click Here)

Fire Weather Zone Maps

Fire weather zones consist of groups of counties (or occasionally single counties) selected based on homogeneous climatology and expected weather. These groupings may change from forecast issuance to forecast issuance, and may contain counties from adjacent states served by the same NWS office.

For a map of the NC fire weather forecast zones, click here.

For a map of the NWS Offices serving NC, and the counties they serve, click here.

Catalog of Fire Weather Observation Sites

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Name; County; Office; Station Number; Latitude; Longitude; Elevation

ALLIGATOR RIVER; Dare Co.; Morehead City, NC (MHX); 315405; 35.8550 N; 75.8720 W, 7'

BACK ISLAND; Pender Co.; Wilmington, NC (ILM); 319402; 34.5328 N; 77.7219 W, 20'

BEAUFORT; Beaufort Co.; Morehead City, NC (MHX); 317801; 35.5200 N; 76.9300 W, 25'

BUSICK; Yancey Co.; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); 313402; 35.7689 N; 82.1911 W; 2892'

CASWELL GAMELANDS; Caswell Co.; Blacksburg, VA (RNK); 310801; 36.3850 N; 79.2910 W; 580'

CEDAR ISLAND; Carteret Co.; Morehead City, NC (MHX); 319604; 35.0020 N; 76.2969 W; 7'

CHEOAH; Graham Co.; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); 315501; 35.3367 N; 83.8250 W; 2000'

CHEROKEE; Swain Co.; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); 313902; 35.6197 N; 83.2042 W; 3400'

COW MOUNTAIN; Swain Co.; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); 313903; 35.4743 N; 83.3230 W; 2395'

CROATAN; Carteret Co.; Morehead City, NC (MHX); 319602; 34.8000 N; 76.8700 W; 20'

DAVIDSON; Transylvania Co.; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); 316001; 35.3506 N; 82.7675 W; 3210'

DUKE FOREST; Orange Co.; Raleigh, NC (RAH); 312501; 35.9667 N; 79.0917 W; 564'

ELIZABETH CITY; Pasquotank Co.; Wakefield, VA (AKQ); 311502; 36.2070 N; 76.1630 W; 15'

FAIRFIELD; Hyde Co.; Morehead City, NC (MHX); 317901; 35.5420 N; 76.2230 W; 10'

FIRE TOWER (CL2); Onslow Co.; Morehead City, NC (MHX); 319506; 34.6114 N; 77.2917 W; 20'

FORT BRAGG; Cumberland Co.; Raleigh, NC (RAH); 318503; 35.1397 N; 79.0644 W; 469'

FRANKLIN; Macon Co.; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); 315802; 35.1691 N; 83.4061 W; 2160'

GRANDFATHER; McDowell Co.; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); 314201; 35.7564 N; 82.0439 W; 1600'

GREEN CROSS; Bertie Co.; Wakefield, VA (AKQ); 313001; 36.0100 N; 76.9000 W; 52'

GUION FARM; Henderson Co; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); 316102; 35.2133 N; 82.5900 W; 2600'

HIGHLANDS; Macon Co.; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); 315803; 35.0828 N; 83.2168 W; 3800'

HOFFMAN FOREST; Onslow Co.; Morehead City, NC (MHX); 319507; 34.8250 N; 77.3200 W; 42'

IP STATION; Haywood Co.; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); 314003; 35.6494 N; 82.9131 W; 5291'

JACKSON CO; Jackson Co.; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); 315902; 35.3167 N; 83.2000 W; 2800'

JESSEN STATION; Yancey Co.; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); 313404; 36.0528 N; 82.3792 W; 3634'

LAUREL SPRINGS; Ashe Co., Blacksburg, VA (RNK); 310101; 36.4020 N; 81.2970 W; 3000'

LEXINGTON; Davidson Co., Raleigh, NC (RAH); 314602; 35.7922 N; 80.3119 W; 751'

MATTAMUSKEET; Hyde Co.; Morehead City, NC (MHX); 317902; 35.5000 N; 76.3000 W; 20'

MT ISLAND LAKE; Gaston Co.; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); 316602; 35.3789 N; 80.9925 W; 500'

NATURE CONSERVANCY; Brunswick Co.; Wilmington, NC (ILM); 319802; 34.0483 N; 78.2903 W; 56'

NEW BERN; Craven Co.; Morehead City, NC (MHX); 319004; 35.0970 N; 77.1108 W; 20'

NORTH COVE; Burke Co.; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); 314301; 35.8167 N; 81.9372 W; 2657'

POCOSIN LAKES; Washington Co.; Morehead City, NC (MHX); 315201; 35.7470 N; 76.5108 W; 11'

RAVEN KNOB; Surry Co., Blacksburg, VA (RNK); 310301; 36.4756 N; 80.8569 W; 1300'

REDEVZOUS MOUNTAIN; Wilkes Co., Blacksburg, VA (RNK); 312001; 36.2260 N; 81.2960 W; 2380'

ROCKINGHAM; Richmond Co., Raleigh, NC (RAH); 318202; 34.9600 N; 79.6900 W; 400'

ROCKY MOUNT; Nash Co., Raleigh, NC (RAH); 312802; 35.9731 N; 77.7986 W; 105'

RUTHERFORDTON; Rutherford Co.; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); 316302; 35.4286 N; 81.9394 W; 1056'

SANDY RUN (CL 1); Onslow Co.; Morehead City, NC (MHX); 319505; 34.6119 N; 77.4875 W; 40'

SEVEN MILE RIDGE; Madison Co.; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); 313302; 35.8031 N; 82.6503 W; 2150'

SUNNY POINT; Brunswick Co.; Wilmington, NC (ILM); 319803; 34.0028 N; 77.9581 W; 30'

TAYLORSVILLE, Alexander Co.; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); 313601; 35.9119 N; 81.1375 W; 1190'

TOW STRING, Swain Co.; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); 313904; 35.5466 N; 83.2922 W; 2927'

TROY; Montgomery Co.; Raleigh, NC (RAH); 317001; 35.7922 N; 79.8667 W; 541'

TURNBULL CREEK; Bladen Co.; Wilmington, NC (ILM); 319302; 34.6831 N; 78.5817 W; 98'

TUSQUITEE; Cherokee Co.; Morristown, TN (MRX); 315602; 35.0400 N; 84.0700 W; 1600'

WHITEVILLE; Columbus Co.; Wilmington, NC (ILM); 319701; 34.3360 N; 78.7286 W; 98'


ASOS Observation Sites

(Click here for map)

Name; ID; Latitude; Longitude; Elevation

Asheville Regional Airport; AVL; 35.4333 N; 82.5333 W; 2140'

Beaufort; MRH; 34.7300 N; 76.6600 W; 10'

Burlington, Burlington-Alamance Regional Airport; BUY; 36.0485 N; 79.4749 W; 617'

Charlotte-Douglass International Airport; CLT; 35.2167 N; 80.9500 W; 728'

Chapel Hill, Horace Williams Airport; IGX; 35.9350 N; 79.0659 W; 512'

Cherry Point; NKT; 34.9000 N; 76.8800 W; 30'

Elizabeth City CG Air Station/Regional Airport; ECG; 36.2500 N; 76.1700 W; 33'

Fayetteville; Fayetteville Regional Airport; FAY; 34.9912 N; 78.8803 W; 189'

Gastonia Municipal Airport; AKH; 35.2000 N; 81.1500 W; 797'

Greensboro; Piedmont Triad International Airport; GSO; 36.0977 N; 79.9373 W; 926'

Hatteras; HSE; 35.2200 N; 75.6200 W; 10'

Hickory Regional Airport; HKY; 35.7333 N; 81.3833 W; 1143'

Lumberton Municipal Airport; LBT; 34.6099 N; 79.0594 W; 126'

Maxton; Laurinburg-Maxton Airport; MEB; 34.7919 N; 79.3658 W; 220'

Monroe Regional Airport; EQY; 35.0167 N; 80.6167 W; 679'

New Bern; EWN; 35.0700 N; 77.0500 W; 20'

New River; NCA; 34.7200 N; 77.4500 W; 26'

Raleigh/Durham; Raleigh/Durham International Airport; RDU; 35.8776 N; 78.7875 W; 435'

Roanoke Rapids; Halifax County Airport; RZZ; 36.4395 N; 77.7093 W; 256'

Rocky Mount; Rocky Mount-Wilson Regional Airport; RWI; 35.8563 N; 77.8919 W; 159'

Southern Pines; Moore County Airport; SOP; 35.2374 N; 79.3912 W; 461'

Wilmington International Airport; ILM; 34.2700 N; 77.9000 W, 33'

Winston-Salem; Smith Reynolds Airport; INT; 36.1337 N; 80.2220 W, 969'


AWOS Observation Sites

(Click here for map)

Name; ID; Latitude; Longitude; Elevation

Ahoskie; Tri-County Airport; ASJ; 36.3000 N; 77.1700 W, 68'

Albemarle; Stanly County Airport; VUJ; 35.4167 N; 80.1508 W, 609'

Andrews-Murphy; Cherokee County; RHP; 35.1900 N; 83.8600 W, 1696'

Asheboro; Asheboro Municipal Airport; HBI; 35.6545 N; 79.8947 W, 673'

Brunswick County Airport; SUT; 33.9300 N; 78.0700 W; 26'

Clinton; Sampson County Airport; CTZ; 34.9756 N; 78.3646 W; 148'

Concord Regional Airport; JQF; 35.3852 N; 80.7097 W; 690'

Columbus County Municipal Airport; CPC; 34.2700 N; 78.7100 W; 98'

Currituck County Airport; ONX (formerly 9W7); 36.4000 N; 76.0200 W; 16'

Edenton, Northeast Regional Airport; EDE; 36.0300 N; 76.5700 W; 20'

Erwin; Harnett County Airport; HRJ; 35.3794 N; 78.7830 W; 199'

Franklin Airport; 1A5; 35.2226 N; 83.4190 W; 2020'

Goldsboro; Goldsboro-Wayne Municipal Airport, GWW; 35.4606 N; 77.9649 W; 134'

Jefferson; Ashe County Airport; GEV; 36.4300 N; 81.4200 W; 3179'

Kenansville; DPL; 35.0000 N; 77.9800 W; 138'

Kinston, ISO; 35.3300 N; 77.6200 W; 10'

Lexington; Davidson County Airport; EXX; 35.7811 N; 80.3039 W; 733'

Lincolnton, Lincoln County Regional Airport; IPJ; 35.4833 N; 81.1613 W; 875'

Louisburg; Franklin County Airport; LHZ; 36.0233 N; 78.3303 W; 369'

Manteo; MQI; 35.9200 N; 75.7000 W; 13'

Morganton-Lenoir Airport; MRN; 35.8202 N; 81.6114 W; 1270'

Mount Airy, Surry County Airport; MWK; 36.4600 N; 80.5500 W; 1247'

North Wilkesboro; UKF; 36.2200 N; 81.1100 W; 1299'

Oxford; Oxford Airport; HNZ; 36.3616 N; 78.5292 W; 527'

Pitt-Greenville; PGV; 35.6300 N; 77.4000 W; 26'

Richlands; OAJ; 34.8300 N; 77.6200 W; 95'

Roxboro; Person County Airport; TDF; 36.2849 N; 78.9842 W; 610'

Rutherfordton; Rutherford County Airport, Marchman Field; FQD; 35.4282 N; 81.9351 W; 1078'

Salisbury; Rowan County Airport; RUQ; 35.6459 N; 80.5203 W; 773'

Sanford; Sanford-Lee County Regional Airport; TTA; 35.5837 N; 79.1008 W; 247'

Shelby Municipal Airport; EHO; 35.2556 N; 81.6010 W; 847'

Smithfield; Johnston County Airport; JNX; 35.5409 N; 78.3903 W; 165'

Statesville Municipal Airport; SVH; 35.7653 N; 80.9567 W; 965'

Wadesboro; Anson County Airport; AFP; 35.0206 N; 80.0771 W; 298'

Washington; OCW; 35.5700 N; 77.0500 W; 39'

Watauga County Hospital Helipad; TNB; 36.2000 N; 81.6500 W; 3146'


Military Observation Sites

(Click here for map)

Name; ID; Latitude; Longitude; Elevation

Fayetteville; Pope AFB; POB; 35.1708 N; 79.0145 W, 217'

Fayetteville; Simons AAF; FBG; 35.1318 N; 78.9367 W, 242'

Goldsboro; Seymour-Johnson AFB; GSB; 35.3393 N; 77.9607 W, 110'

Hoffman; Mackall AAF; HFF; 35.0365 N; 79.4975 W, 376'


All Hazards NOAA Weather Radio Transmitters Serving North Carolina Counties

For a map of each transmitter reception area, click here or here.

Location, Office, Call Sign, Frequency, Counties Served

Aynor, SC; Wilmington, NC (ILM); KEC-95; 162.400 MHz; Brunswick, Columbus

Blue Ridge, GA; Peachtree City, GA (FFC); KXI-75; 162.475 MHz; Cherokee

Brasstown, GA; Peachtree City, GA (FFC); KXI-22; 162.500 MHz; Clay

Buck Mt., NC; Raleigh, NC (RAH); WWF-60; 162.500 MHz; Anson, Cabarrus, Davidson, Montgomery, Randolph, Richmond, Rowan, Stanly, Union

Cape Hatteras, NC; Morehead City, NC (MHX); KIG-77; 162.475 MHz; Dare, Hyde, Tyrell, Washington

Chapel Hill, NC; Raleigh, NC (RAH); WXL-58; 162.550 MHz; Alamance, Chatham, Durham, Franklin, Granville, Johnston, Lee, Orange, Person, Randolph, Vance, Wake, Warren

Cheraw, SC; Columbia, SC (CAE); WXK-90; 162.450 MHz; Anson, Richmond, Scotland

Ellerbe, NC; Raleigh, NC (RAH); WNG-597; 162.400 MHz; Anson, Hoke, Montgomery, Moore, Randolph, Richmond, Scotland, Stanly

Garner, NC; Raleigh, NC (RAH); WNG-706; 162.450 MHz; Franklin, Harnett, Johnston, Nash, Wake, Wayne, Wilson

Glassy Mt., GA; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); KXI-81; 162.450 MHz; Macon

Grandmother Mt., NC; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); WNG-538, 162.450 MHz; Alexander, Avery, Burke, Caldwell, Catawba McDowell, Mitchell, Watauga, Yancey

Greenville, SC; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); WXJ-21, 162.550 MHz; Polk, Rutherford

Henderson, NC; Raleigh, NC (RAH); WNG-586, 162.500 MHz; Franklin, Granville, Person, Vance, Warren

Joanna Bald Mt., NC; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); WWG-82; 162.525 MHz; Cherokee, Clay, Graham, Jackson, Macon, Swain

Margarettsville, NC; Wakefield, VA (AKQ); WWG-33; 162.450 MHz; Northampton

Mooresville, NC; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); KJY-85; 162.525 MHz; Alexander, Cabarrus, Catawba, Davie, Lincoln, Gaston, Iredell, Mecklenburg, Rowan

Mount Jefferson, NC; Blacksburg, VA (RNK); WNG-588; 162.500 MHz; Alexander, Alleghany, Ashe, Avery, Caldwell, Catawba, Davie, Iredell, Watauga. Wilkes

New Bern, NC; Morehead City, NC (MHX); KEC-84; 162.400 MHz; Beaufort, Carteret, Craven, Duplin, Greene, Hyde, Jones, Lenoir, Martin, Onslow, Pamlico, Pitt

Norfolk/Driver, VA; Wakefield, VA (AKQ); KHB-37; 162.550 MHz; Camden, Currituck, Gates, Pasquotank

Mt. Pisgah, NC; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); WXL-56; 162.400 MHz; Avery, Buncombe, Burke, Caldwell, Haywood, Henderson, Jackson, Madison, McDowell, Mitchell, Polk, Rutherford, Transylvania, Yancey

Poor Mt., VA; Blacksburg, VA (RNK); WXL-60; 162.475 MHz; Caswell, Rockingham

Rock Hill, SC, Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); KHC-27; 162.425 MHz; Mecklenburg, Union

St. Pauls, NC; Wilmington, NC (ILM); WXL-50; 162.475 MHz; Bladen, Columbus, Cumberland, Duplin, Harnett, Hoke, Moore,

Robeson, Sampson, Scotland

Mamie, NC; Wakefield, VA (AKQ); WWH-26; 162.425 MHz; Camden, Currituck, Pasquotank, Perquimans

South Boston, VA; Blacksburg, VA (RNK); KJY-86; 162.525 MHz; Caswell, Granville, Person, Rockingham, Vance

Spencer Mt., NC; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP); WXL-70; 162.475 MHz; Alexander, Anson, Cabarrus, Catawba, Cleveland, Davie, Gaston, Iredell, Lincoln, Mecklenburg, Rowan, Stanly, Union

Tarboro, NC; Raleigh, NC (RAH); WXL-59; 162.475 MHz; Edgecombe, Greene, Halifax, Nash, Northampton, Pitt, Warren, Wilson

Tri-Cities, TN; Bristol, TN (MRX); WXK-47; 162.550 MHz; Ashe, Avery, Madison, Mitchell, Watauga, Yancey

Warsaw, NC; Morehead City, NC (MHX); KXI-95; 162.425 MHz; Bladen, Duplin, Jones, Lenoir, Onslow, Pender, Sampson, Wayne

Windsor, NC; Wakefield, VA (AKQ); WNG-537; 162.525 MHz; Bertie, Chowan, Gates, Hertford, Northampton, Perquimans

Winnabow, NC; Wilmington, NC (ILM); KHB-31; 162.550 MHz; Bladen, Brunswick, Columbus, New Hanover, Onslow, Pender

Winston-Salem, NC; Raleigh, NC (RAH); WXL-42; 162.400 MHz; Alamance, Alexander, Alleghany, Caswell, Davie, Forsyth, Guilford, Iredell, Rockingham, Rowan, Stokes, Surry, Wilkes, Yadkin


Red Flag Criteria

For North Carolina, two or more of the following weather criteria (1 to 4) must be occurring or expected, in addition to high (or greater) fire danger (5):

1. Relative Humidity of 25% or less.

2. Sustained wind (20 ft, 2 min avg.) of 20 mph or greater, or gusts to 30 mph.

Note: WFO MRX uses sustained wind 18 mph or greater.

3. Dry lightning.

4. A significant wind shift during times of active fire suppression.

5. High, Very High, or Extreme fire danger, as assessed by the natural resource agencies, and/or as generated by the processor in the Weather Information Management System (WIMS) and posted in the Wildland Fire Assessment System (WFAS). This will be obtained by the National Weather Service from the respective natural resource agency personnel and from WIMS or WFAS.

6. WFO MRX only: rainfall less than 0.25 inches during the past two days.

Note: In periods of prolonged drought, adjustments may be made to the criteria.


Fire Weather Product Examples

Click here for the latest products from:

Blacksburg, VA (RNK): Red Flag or Fire Weather Forecast
Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP): Red Flag or Fire Weather Forecast or Point Fire Weather Forecast or Area Fire Weather Forecast
Morehead City, NC (MHX): Red Flag or Fire Weather Forecast
Morristown, TN (MRX): Red Flag or Fire Weather Forecast
Raleigh, NC (RAH): Red Flag or Fire Weather Forecast
Wakefield, VA (AKQ): Red Flag or Fire Weather Forecast
Wilmington, NC (ILM): Red Flag or Fire Weather Forecast

Click here for an example of a Red Flag Warning, Fire Weather Watch, Fire Weather Forecast, or Fire Danger Statement from WFO Wilmington, NC

Click here for an example of a Spot Forecast from WFO Greenville-Spartanburg,SC


Burn Category Table

Ventilation Rate (ft mph) and Associated Burn Category

0 to 33499 = 1

33500 to 44999 = 2

44500 to 59999 = 3

60000 to 111999 = 4

112000 + = 5


Dispersion Table

Surface Wind (MPH) and Associated Dispersion Category

Near Calm = Stagnant

2 - 4 MPH = Very Poor

6 - 8 MPH = Poor

9 - 12 MPH = Fair

13 MPH + = Good


Lavdas Atmospheric Dispersion Index (ADI)

1-6 = Very Poor

7-12 = Poor

13-20 = Generally Poor

21-40 = Fair

61-100 = Good

100+ = Very Good


Low Visibility Occurrence Risk index (LVORI)

1: Lowest proportion of accidents with smoke and/or fog reported (130 of 127,604 accidents, or just over 0.0010 accidents).

2: Physical or statistical reasons for not including in category 1, but proportion of accidents not significantly higher.

3: Higher proportion of accidents than category 1, by about 30 to 50 percent, marginal significance (between 1 and 5 percent).

4: Significantly higher than category 1, by a factor of 2.

5: Significantly higher than category 1, by a factor of 3 to 10.

6: Significantly higher than category 1, by a factor of 10 to 20.

7: Significantly higher than category 1, by a factor of 20 to 40.

8: Significantly higher than category 1, by a factor of 40 to 75.

9: Significantly higher than category 1, by a factor of 75 to 125.

10: Significantly higher than category 1, by a factor of 150.


Lightning Activity Level

LAL Categories

1: No Thunderstorms.

2: Cumulus clouds are common, but only a few reach the towering cumulus stage. A single thunderstorm must be confirmed in the rating area. The clouds mostly produce virga, but light rain will occasionally reach the ground.

3: Cumulus clouds are common. Swelling and towering cumulus cover less than 2/10ths of the sky. Thunderstorms are few, but two or three must occur within the observation area. Light to moderate rain will reach the ground, and lightning is infrequent.

4: Swelling cumulus and towering cumulus cover 2/10ths to 3/10ths of the sky. Thunderstorms are scattered, but more than three must occur within the observation area. Moderate rain is commonly produced, and lightning is frequent.

5: Towering cumulus and thunderstorms are numerous, they cover more than 3/10ths of the sky and occasionally obscure it. Rain is moderate to heavy, and lightning is frequent and intense.

6: Same as #3, but dry (little or no rain reaching the ground). (TOP)

Lightning Strokes

1: 0/min., 0/5 min., 0/15 min.

2: 1/min., 1-5/5 min., 1-8/15 min.

3: 1-2/min., 6-10/5 min., 9-15/15 min.

4: 2-3/min., 11-15/5 min., 16-25/15 min.

5: 3/min., 15/5 min., 25/15 min.

6: 1-2/min., 6-10/5 min., 9-15/15 min.


Wind Profile Analysis

During the months of March, April, and May, (year round at ILM) forecast wind profiles for areas east of the mountains will be evaluated and categorized as favorable (for fire control), unfavorable (for fire control), or neutral (indeterminate for fire control).

The wind profile category for each zone grouping that includes NC counties east of the mountains will be placed in remarks. If the category is neutral, an updated forecast will be issued once the morning soundings have been received and analyzed, categorizing each neutral grouping as either favorable or unfavorable.

Adverse Wind Profiles

Click on the table for a brief overview of Adverse Wind Profiles; those that are deemed unfavorable for fire control.

(For a more complete treatment of the topic, reference "Vertical Wind Profiles and Associated Fire Behavior in Flat Country", Division of Fire Research, Southeastern Forest Experiment Station, August 20, 1957".) (TOP)

FWF Update Criteria

Standard Air Temperature: +/- 5 degrees F.

Relative Humidity: +/- 5%.

Wind Speed and Direction at 20 ft AGL: +/- 5 mph and/or 45 degrees.

Precipitation POP, duration and amount: same as for public zones. Note: duration guideline for NFDRS is +/- 2 hours.

Inversions: +/- 100 m or 328 ft.

Freezing Level: +/- 100 m or 328 ft.

Transports Winds: +/- 5 mph and/or 45 degrees.

Mixing Height: +/- 100 m or 328 ft.

Stability: Must be in correct category 90% of time.

Burn Category: One category of change.

Dispersion: One category of change.

Note: Morning upper air soundings from nearby weather balloon sites should be examined for update criteria.


Record of Changes to the AOP

July 2005:

Noted in Appendix that adjustments may be made to Red Flag Criteria in periods of prolonged drought.

Added Conference Calls section to Joint Responsibilities.

Noted in Joint Responsibilities that NWS State Liaison Office forwards NWS draft directives to NCFS for review.

Noted in Appendix that NWS offices should check morning upper air soundings for update criteria.

Added Record of Change section to Appendix.

Added Table of Contents to printable version of AOP.

Made hot links to e-mail for names of NWS Fire Program Leaders in Service Area and Organizational Directory.

Noted in Service Area and Organizational Directory that NWS Fire Program Leaders can be reached via e-mail from their office's fire weather homepage.

January 2007:

Added the Lavdas Dispersion table used by MRX in the Appendix.

Noted the upcoming automation of R to O type NFDRS observations in Natural Resource Agency Responsibilities.

Noted in Services Provided by the National Weather Service the units for mixing height provided by MRX, and also that MRX provides the Lavdas Dispersion Index.

January 2008:

Added Cherokee RAWS site to the Appendix.

Noted that MRX provides FWF in the afternoon on request during drought in Services Provided by the National Weather Service.

Noted that MRX serves the Great Smoky Mountain portions of Haywood and Swain Counties under in Service Area and Organizational Directory, and changed the service area map to reflect this.

Noted that the Wind Profile Analysis can be provided at customer request outside of the spring fire season during high fire danger in Services Provided by the National Weather Service.

February 2008:

Updated NWR transmitter list in appendix.

January 2009:

Added information on ADI and LVORI to appendix. Updated RAWS and NWR transmitter lists in appendix.

January 2010:

Added new information on ADI and LVORI to content of the planning forecast, and links to a map and listing of NWR transmitters in NC, under Services Provided by the NWS. Updated location of Cheoah RAWS, Gastonia and Monroe ASOS's, and added maps of observation sites in the appendix. Corrected NOAA Weather Radio information for several transmitters. Added information on the Fire Weather Point Forecast Matrix (PFW).

January 2011:

Added information on visibility and obstruction to visibility as carried in the planning forecast and PFW by GSP. Removed mention of Great Smoky Mountain National Park from WFO MRX's area of responsibility.

January 2012:

Changed NC Division of Forest Resources to NC Forest Service under Introduction and Organization. Added section on AFW and link to AFW decoder. Changed name of WAYAH RAWS to FRANKLIN, and changed CHEROKEE RAWS from MRX area to GSP area. Added JESSEN STATION RAWS in GSP area. Changed Wakefield, VA MIC from Bill Sammler to Jeff Orrock, and FPL from Larry Brown to Jonathan McGee. Changed Wilmington, NC FPL from Ron Steve to Josh Weiss.