The Revised Digital Zone Forecast

Recently, as part of the output of the new Interactive Computer Worded Forecast (ICWF), the National Weather Service Forecast Office at Greenville Spartanburg, SC, began to issue a forecast matrix known as the Revised Digital Zone Forecast (RDF). This forecast is designed to be computer friendly, so that our users can create scripts to grab and format whatever part of the forecast that they wish. As the data have such a high resolution, given at 3 hourly intervals, there may also be some usefulness to the data for the general public as well.

Here is the latest Revised Digital Zone Forecast from WFO GSP

The National Weather Service Forecast Office at Charleston, WV has been one of the pioneers in this field. They have a very good guide for interpreting the RDF output here:

Introduction To The Revised Digital Forecast
National Weather Service Charleston, WV