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January 11, 2008 Conference Call Notes

Provided by: Steve Keighton, SOO - Blacksburg, VA (RNK)

BAMS article: Initial drafts of many of the sections have been shared around, with only a few more to go. Based on a suggestion from Gary or Sandra (I forget which brilliant NCSU faculty actually first brought this up!), it was decided that we would use Google Docs to consolidate everything and share revisions and input. Thanks to Brian's lightning quick ability to multi-task, he already uploaded a compiled version of what has been completed to the site, and once everyone creates a gmail account and sends it to him (, he'll give you editing rights to the document. I've never used it before but just went in and easily was able to edit text, add a figure, save, see a history of revisions and by whom, and see that Baker was also in edit mode at the same time! It's very easy to use.

So, please begin to look through the document and make any suggestions or add revisions, suggested figures (place these at the end of the document, and for now label them based on the section they go with), and references. I guess just send a quick FYI email to the list that you made a change (especially if it's more than just minor grammar-type fixes). At this point, don't worry too much about how the entire document flows since there are still pieces missing. We'll try to have drafts of all sections in the document by the end of next week, and then we can begin more thorough editing and reading it all the way through for flow, clarity, duplication, flaming omissions, etc. I suggested we shoot for the first week of Feb for a "final" draft, which we'll need to submit to ERH SSD before going to BAMS. Realistically, it might take us a little longer, but that's an initial goal.

ASU/NCSU/UNCA project on Improving Snowfall forecasts in Wrn NC: Baker is still working hard to get all the pieces in place, and things are really coming together. Participating offices have received instructions for accessing the real-time MRR data. The State Climatologist Office (Ryan Boyles) is setting up a one-stop shopping web site with links to all the data streams, including model data and observations. Baker has a student who will be helping to compile some of the data following events, and to facilitate this, offices will try to provide as much info about the sources of snowfall reports and lat/lon locations as possible in post-event reports (PNS's). We should continue to do local event reviews, but it's possible Baker's student will be able to compile our reports into one regional event review, including snowfall maps using all our reports. The sources are important since some reports are not as reliable as others. Blair has already added link to our NWFS page to some of the NWS snow/rain text reports. The Eastern Region Hydromet database may be another source worth tapping. Steve K is checking with ERH about this.

Jan 1-3, 2008 Event: Some snow reports from the various offices are on the web page, but not much in the way of event reviews has been done. There are also some fascinating MODIS images that were sent around that could potentially be used in an event summary. RNK has saved off the AWIPS data in case we want to do something more later. We will continue to try and put together what we can locally for any upcoming events (and provide to Blair so he can add to the web page), and perhaps Baker's student can compile some of these in the future as mentioned above.

Local modeling updates: Not much here. See December's minutes for some details on the WFO LWX 12km NMM WRF. WFO RNK is running an ARW-WRF at 4km for a small domain, and is slowly making some progress generating gempak images and BUFKIT files, and will soon be setting up a public web page. GSP and MRX are making slow progress on setting up and making available local WRF models as well.

Next call tentatively scheduled for Friday Feb 8 @9am (but open to the Friday before or after as well if Feb 8 is a problem)

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