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January 21, 2011 Conference Call Notes

Provided by: Steve Keighton, SOO - Blacksburg, VA (RNK)

Research topics: GSP (Blair primarily) still making some progress on the Froude # study. Presentation from November should be on the Google sites page, and they will be updating this soon. Also, Doug is working with a UNC-A student on Froude # influences as part of a study of the February 2010 long-lived event.

Larry, Doug, Baker, and Steve will be continuing work on categorization of NWFS event from last several years, as well as a mid-term categorization of snow events so far this season (we will have a separate call in early Feb).

Lots of good discussion on how this La Nina season, with strong influence from persistent negative NAO, has resulted in a high frequency of NWFS events, and relatively few synoptic coastal storms. Some mountain locations (such as Poga Mtn and Beech Mtn) are close to last season snow totals already but probably not nearly as far along with the SWE compared to last year. Interesting stuff!

Field project plans: 3 IOPs with UNC-A sounding observations so far from Warren-Wilson college, and resources may allow for about 4 more or so (depending on length of event). Doug would likely deploy for any major winter storm with significant impact expected, but is also hoping for a more classic longer-lived NWFS event partly since the sondes seem to do better with colder, drier conditions.

Baker continues to be involved with setting up instrumentation at Grandfather Mtn, and is hopefully that METAR weather coding will be available soon for the Grandfather Mtn and Poga Mtn surface equipment (available in the CRONOS database). Also, an MRR for Poga Mtn (or Boone?) looking less likely given current budget constraints in NC.

Modeling: BUFKIT soundings are being generated from some of the members in the RENCI HME (not the actually RENCI members though, but most of the WFOs). Jonathan Blaes has written a simple script that can be edited locally to download those stations you may want and place them in your local BUFKIT directory. You will need BUFKIT ver 10.11 ("RENCI Release") from the WDTB to view these ensemble members. The script will be included with the email containing these minutes. Brian also re-sent the list of stations we agreed to generate from our local WRFs in case anyone has not added these to your output sent to RENCI. We want to begin seeing what utility the high res ensemble forecast soundings may have in NWFS events (as well as other types of events of course).

Analog Tool: There was some discussion of the use of the St. Louis (CIPS) Winter Weather Analog tool for NWFS events. GSP forecasters have been using it fairly frequently (not so much so far this year at RNK), and sounds like some use at JKL as well, but jury still out in terms of usefulness with NWFS specifically. Reminder to us all to consider testing it out with NWFS events to see what benefits or limitations there may be.

Next call: Let's try Feb 18 (9am). Backup would be Feb 25th.

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