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February 8, 2008 Conference Call Notes

Provided by: Steve Keighton, SOO - Blacksburg, VA (RNK)

We made this a short call today as some of the key people for BAMS article and the Wrn NC Snow study were not able to make it, and will try to have another call in the next couple of weeks (see potential dates below).

BAMS article: We've made good progress and now have a rough draft of all sections on Google Docs. We talked a little bit about additional figures we still need to add, and decided to initially err on the side of including too many, and then we can always pare down. Blair will be adding some for his mesoscale modeling section, plus a satellite image we can use, and a couple potential HYSPLIT trajectory figures.

Otherwise, now is the time for EVERYONE in the group to begin looking over the document and providing comments on what we've included or not included, wording, overall flow, etc, etc. If you do not already have a gmail account and access to the document, please create one and email it to Brian Etherton at so he can give you rights to the edit the document.

Let's see if we can all provide some sort of input in the next couple weeks, with a new goal of early March for getting a version ready to send to ER SSD for review. Gary V at JKL, and David H at MRX, did we already check to see if this is going to have to go through CR or SR SSDs before submission to BAMS? My guess is not if neither of you have been major contributing authors and we are already going through ER, but don't want to do an unintended "end-around".

Local modeling updates: RNK now has a very initial version of our 4km ARW-WRF available on the web. The 4km domain barely reaches beyond the RNK CWA at the current time, and we are still running every 6 hrs. No BIFKIT data is posted yet. We hope to make some important changes in the next month, including expanding domain, running every 3 hours, and possible making available our outer 12km domain grids. The outer domain is initialized with NAM12 tiles. Here is the URL (Blair, you can add this to the NWFS page):

We still need to add the model info link with details about the current configuration, and eventually we'll add a Bufkit link and perhaps even a dprog/dt option.

LWX may soon be adding a 4th mesoscale model, the purpose of this one is to support very near term forecasting so it will be run every hour out to 7 or 8 hrs, at 4km, domain just covering the LWX CWA, and probably will be the NMM core with LAPS hot start.

GSP is getting closer to getting their local WRF ready for posting.

Next call potential dates (all Fridays at 9am): Feb 22, Feb 29 (then we may do another two weeks after this to wrap up the BAMS article). Please send Steve K your preference between those two.

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