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February 13, 2009 Conference Call Notes

Provided by: Steve Keighton, SOO - Blacksburg, VA (RNK)

BAMS article: Final set of minor comments back from the Editor (Jeff Waldstreicher) and Steve K can probably address most of these by the end of today or early next week. Otherwise, perhaps some final figure editing to prepare for publication, but we are basically done. Should get published in BAMS later this year (summer?).

Welcome Greg Dobson: Greg Dobson from UNC-A (NEMAC and RENCI) is joining the group and brings a strong interest/talent in the GIS world. He is teaching classes at UNCA in GIS applications for meteorology, and has been working with WFO GSP on GIS mapping of many observing systems in wrn NC.

Follow-up from the recent Feb 3-4, 2009 event and IOP#3: Yet another hybrid event with strong clipper-type wave that was not initially well forecast, with winds not as strong and not ideal direction for as long as anticipated at first. Resultant snow totals were somewhat less than original forecast, but still many interesting aspects of this event worth studying, from diurnal features (i.e., organization/congealing of convective elements in the evening, degree that upstream snow cover on ground and ice cover on Great Lakes may have played a role in reducing important sfc fluxes).

Doug would like snow and SWE obs sent for model verification (mainly GSP, RNK, and MRX offices).

U/A supplies down to about 50%, so will need to carefully plan future IOP's to capture the more classic NWFS events if possible. Looks like next potential event to keep an eye on is toward the end of next week (~Feb 18-19).

Blair Holloway forecast methodology presentation: Great presentation on how Blair and others at GSP are approaching the forecast process for NWFS events, from the use of climatology and environmental parameter analysis from much of Baker Perry's work, to tools and techniques within GFE to produce snow accum grids. Some good discussion and other ideas for tools. Encourage all operational folks in this group to take a look at Blair's slides (link included here), and we really need to plan a future call when more of us can participate in ideas for how we can refine or expand this great starting point from Blair. Baker can make available the data used for the Table in slide 4 (to other folks and for any other zone shown in slide 3). Steve K can make available a locally-adjusted tool that allows editing of a temporary snow ratio grid which can then be applied to the snow amount grids.

Local model update: Not much here. RNK is now producing the Johnson City (ETSU) BUFR soundings from their local WRF but not yet archiving or putting on web site for others. A reminder: for any one running local models, consider adding Johnson City to your list of BUFKIT sites (if you are creating BUFKIT output), for comparison with the soundings during IOPs. Lat/lon is: 36.294N/82.371W, at least for this season. Some may already be generating soundings for the TRI airport, but that is about 13 miles north of the Johnson City launch site.

It was also noted that SREF output from the SPC site includes a snow ratio product that might be useful. No one was aware of any model snow ratio products in AWIPS (a quick check just now and I couldn't find any). Are we missing it?

Future calls: Next call March 6th or 13th @10am. We'll be sticking with 10am for the rest of this season.

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