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February 17, 2006 Conference Call Notes

Provided by: Steve Keighton, SOO - Blacksburg, VA (RNK)

Thanks for another good call this morning everyone! Here are some notes from the call:

Blair (and Gary) provided an update (1.4 MB file) on their simulation work, with some initial results from the Feb 10-11, 2005 case. Blair sent out a nice PP slide set the other day which was used for the briefing, and is also posted on the CSTAR page. Some pretty amazing features were simulated considering the 24km resolution. They'll be comparing the output with actual snowfall observations, and then trying some sensitivity tests with adjustments to the Great Lakes temps, removing the Lakes, etc. Some good discussion on other types of sensitivity tests to try, tracking moisture in parcels between the Lakes and the Appalachians, and determining if cases when there are extensive convective bands immediately downstream of the Lakes actual result in the removal of moisture from potential convective bands in the mountains. Plenty of really great things that can be done, depending on time and resources, and Doug Miller and students at UNC-A can also help with some of these tests.

Sandra Yuter is moving slowly but surely toward likely placing two vertically pointing radars in wrn NC. Exact locations will depend on availability of land, power, etc, with two leading candidates being the Baker Perry farm near the Watauga/Avery Co border, and on Mt Mitchell. Another good strategic location could be somewhere in or near the Smokeys, (depending on access to land/property/power), but any additional ideas are welcome. These will hopefully be in place by next winter. Wherever these end up, it would be good for our local models to generate fcst soundings for these locations.

Speaking of which, no arguments against any locations that we already have on our list, but we do need to identify perhaps two others along the TN/NC border along the spine of the mountains that aren't already established sites for NCEP BUFR data or MTRs (and so it probably really makes sense to have these co-located with Sandra's radar maybe we'll wait on those). If you are running a local model (WRF, Eta, etc), please examine the list of sites and if your domain covers any of them, hopefully you can generate BUFR soundings for those sites and post them with your other model output. Ultimately, we'd like to post all of these soundings in the same location in order to quickly download, display, and compare them. Keep the group informed of any updates you make in this regard. The list of sites is provided in the summary notes from the last call and in my reminder the other day about today's call.

Also for those running a local model(s), please send me a brief list of the basic configuration, and I'll compile these and try and get posted on the CSTAR web site for quick reference.

We had some good discussion of this past weekend's event, with the role of instability, daytime heating influence on the instability, and potential influence of a short wave on the impressive snowfall amounts in parts of wrn NC/ern TN (not as impressive amounts this time in ern WV and wrn VA, so role of short wave and precise trajectories may be very interesting to look at with this one). Also, GSP reported that the NWF contribution to the total snowfall was approx a 4:1 ratio in this case.

Finally, for our next call, it looks like March 10 is a good day for a lot of the univ folks, and seemed to work for everyone else on the call too. So Friday March 10 @10am we'll talk to you all again!

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