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February 27, 2008 Conference Call Notes

Provided by: Steve Keighton, SOO - Blacksburg, VA (RNK)

Ongoing Event: Some general discussion on the classic NWFS event taking place at time of call (over a foot in a few locations so far in wrn NC or ern TN, and otherwise 5-8 inches in many other favored NW Flow upslope areas. Special IOP soundings at Poga Mtn every 3 hrs (online, see link from NWFS group site) have been very helpful operationally so far. Some questions about availability and reliability of MRR data, and Baker will check in with Sandra on this. Some good data captured for this event, and when all is done will probably be a great one to add to our database.

Western NC Snow Study: Not much to add here, except that observations available at the top of Poga Mtn and behind Baker's house are now available from the NC CRONOS web site, and Baker sent these out to some on the list. Here are the links, as well as links to the IOP soundings for those who don't have them:

Current surface observations (thanks to Mark and Ryan!) near the top of Poga Mountain (3650 ft).

The wind sensor is at 3 m and the data are 1-min averages. We hope to have the 3-sec max gust (which we are logging) on there soon.

Link to the temp/rh behind Baker's house (3350 ft).

Here is the link to skew-T plots from balloons launched every three hours (beginning at 21Z 26 Feb).

Excel plots and the raw data are here.

BAMS article: Discussion on additional figures to add: modeling results figures from Blair, CoCoRAHs/COOP locations from Baker, and also regional snowfall map from Dec 18-20, 2003 event, which Baker will also take a first shot at. AVHRR image that Blair submitted will be proposed for cover but also needs to be referred to in paper, and Larry will continue looking for perhaps an even better example. Also three additional references at bottom of the paper on Google docs that we need to consider including and where.

We will continue using Google Docs to make comments/suggestions to various section of the manuscript (we're basically done adding the meat). Use red color to add comments (including your initials) and let main authors of that section know that you have made a comment. If things get too messy, we'll copy that section out to a Word document and send it around that way, but doubt we'll need to do that. Here's what I suggested for a review strategy:

I. (Intro): All of us.

II. (Cross-Discipline Collab Group): Larry, Gary, anyone.

IIIa. (Climatology): Larry, Gary, anyone.

IIIb. (Observations): Doug, Steve, anyone.

IIIc. (Modeling): Doug, Brian, Gary, all SOO's.

IIId. (Operational Methods): All SOO's, Blair.

IV. (Conclusions): All of us.

Let's try to have comments made and figures added by March 14, so soon after that we can a draft sent to ER SSD. If you do not already have a gmail account and access to the document, please create one and email it to Brian Etherton at so he can give you rights to the edit the document.

Local modeling updates: Steve Z at LWX will be sending out some changes to URLs and BUFKIT nomenclature that have been made to some of their local models. Not much to add from RNK and GSP, but GSP is getting closer to having a model running the way they want to. RNK hopes to make some changes within the next month to our configuration.

Proposed date/time for next call: Friday March 14 @9am.

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