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March 5, 2010 Conference Call Notes

Provided by: Steve Keighton, SOO - Blacksburg, VA (RNK)

Future research (Google Sites NW Flow Snow collaborative web page): The page has been updated so that "Updates on Research Topics" now has a separate post for each topic, and in theory anyone can add text or links to each post as new info is ready to be shared from each sub-team. It was discovered that apparently only me (Steve K) as the owner could edit posts, or only those who first created the post. I have since given everyone "owner" permission on the site, so will need to test that and see if that solves the problem. Otherwise, will need to contact Google support for some solutions. The idea is that mainly the folks working on each topic would update that particular post, and then anyone of us could add comments using that button (under each post).

Gary at JKL gave us a brief update on the work he is doing correlating seasonal snowfall in the southern Appalachian region with all the various global indices, and is finding some interesting results. He may be ready to share more with us during our April call.

Better collaboration and services for NWFS events in the future: Steve K mentioned some discussion in the RNK office about beginning to look at some lessons learned from this season's many events, and the need to work during the "off season" to better collaborate on some best practices in terms of how watch/warning/advisories are handled, especially with long duration (multi-day) events so that we're all on the same page. Our team represents a good place to start with this, but WCMs and users will need to be involved as well. We may be discussing this throughout the summer.

Other news: Doug reports that U/A resources are still available for potential late season events, so there may still be one or two NWFS IOPs this year, but given the weather pattern not likely in the next week or two. Also, Doug and Baker will be selecting which events from this season to choose for further study, and they may be asking for data support from the WFOs for those cases.

Baker added that the equipment will be moved to just outside of Boone (west?) later this spring in support of a project he and a student are working on related to southeast upslope precip events, and also tied to aerosol measurements. While NCEP models and most of our local models are generating BUFR fcst soundings for Boone, Baker will determine if there are any unique aspects of the location compared to the KTNB site (hospital) that might suggest we need to create a new BUFR location in our local models to better represent that location.

Brian at RENCI reported that support for getting the High Res Ensemble output into AWIPS is really moving forward (output in grib2 a big part of that), and also that there is stronger support to get a functional web page going, so hopefully by our April call there will be some specifics to report on the status. There may be some missing input from time to time from various offices as upgrades to WRF-EMS V3.1 take place.

Next call: April 16th, 10am (the 9th would be the 2nd choice if many cannot make the 16th).

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