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March 31, 2008 Conference Call Notes

Provided by: Steve Keighton, SOO - Blacksburg, VA (RNK)

BAMS article: Trying to get finishing touches completed. Gary agreed to (and already completed right after the call) choose one of Blair's figures to briefly describe. Baker is waiting for data from JKL before finalizing Dec 2003 regional snowfall figure (since we have another figure holding it's place, we may be able to go ahead and submit to SSD for initial review if still waiting for this by end of the week). Steve will add a brief sentence about use of WS-Eta models in some WFOs per Jeff H suggestion. Steve will also ensure references and footnotes are in proper AMS format, and will determine if there are figure requirements for format/resolution before AMS submission. Baker found that there are no additional costs for color figures for BAMS (so we'll go color with everything), but the page charges go up quickly per page with increasing length. Steve will ask if the NWS will pay for the page charges, since an NWS person is lead author.

Once we get this final editing of the text completed, Steve will export as Word document, reformat with Title page (including our abstract and author affiliations on first page), body of paper double-spaced, separate figure caption page, references page, and finally all figures at the end. When this is submitted to SSD we will put this Word document on the NWFS web page (hidden link) so we can reference, but will leave the Google docs paper where it is for any future edits.

NWFS Presence at NWA Meeting: Again discussed the idea of a few presentations on NWFS at the October NWA meeting in Louisville. It's likely that GSP will submit something on Blair's modeling work, and RNK will submit something that summarizes our collaboration group (much like the BAMS article), and also something on observations of the banded nature of events in our CWA. It didn't seem likely that others would submit additional NWFS sub-topics, but would be willing to help out with the three topics GSP and RNK are submitting. So we probably won't need to request a special session, but if any others are planning so submit something related to NWFS then we may want to make this request. Abstracts are due June 1.

Sondes for Poga Mtn still available through May: There are quite a few sondes still available for the field experiment and equipment on loan from the Naval Post Graduate School is still available through May, so if there are any others kinds of weather scenarios it would be useful to have special sounding data for (beyond winter precip), it would be good to identify those in advance. One suggestion was for organized convective lines moving in from TN, which ties in with Matt Parker's current CSTAR research and work that WFO RNK has been doing.

RNK WRF update: Hope to do a major config overhaul in the next couple of weeks now that we're running on all servers in our cluster. Probably will run every 3 hrs.

Future calls: With follow-up edits likely after the SSD and eventually AMS reviews of the article, we expect to have a call or two through the late spring and summer for that, as well as some collaboration possible regarding the NWA submissions. Part of the group will also be meeting in Boone in early June regarding the Wrn NC Snow Study. So, we will plan to arrange for calls during the spring/summer on an as needed basis rather than to schedule the next call or try to stick with monthly or bi-monthly. It's likely that we'll have another call some time in May. Will stay in touch with email between now and then.

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