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April 1, 2011 Conference Call Notes

Provided by: Steve Keighton, SOO - Blacksburg, VA (RNK)

Research topics: Work continues on the synoptic classification of NWFS events from Baker Perry's database of NW flow events at Flat Springs NC from 2006-2010. We will also be adding some events that impacted SE WV (McRoss and Beckly) during these years. Modeling studies can then consider not only differences in large scale patterns, but also significance of event, duration, snow-liquid ratio, or other characteristics. Baker, Doug, Larry and Steve K are working on the classification.

David and Steve K will get in communication with each other and others interested in the convective banding sub-topic area, including contacting Lake Effect experts from wrn NY, to beign exploring what we want to do as far as additional research in this area.

We will attempt to have at least one call this summer with most of the NWFS team and do more planning regarding which research topics on the Google Sites page we can best pursue (most interest/motivation/priority) and what opportunities we might have in the coming year.

Modeling: Larry followed up with ER SSD regarding need for trajectory analysis/model output in AWIPS or other sources besides the ARL site. SSD will investigate further, but it might be helpful if at some point we can develop a statement of need to forward up the chain. Larry said he can also get in contact with HPC and SPC as far as their needs in this regard or knowledge of anything that might already exist or be planned.

We talked about the nice pages for viewing high res model output at WFO RAH (for simulated reflectivity from many models for different cycles) and WFO LWX (for comparitive matrix of dprog/dt for several models), and that it would be nice to combine best of both. Steve K will ask RAH and LWX about this. Here is the link to the RAH web page. Also here is a link to one of the comparative matrix pages from LWX (there is a different link for each local model).

Next call: No scheduled next call at this point, but we talked about benefit of having a couple of calls where most of us can make it rather than monthly calls were only a couple are on, and that we can use these couple of calls to plan any future work on research topics that we have the most need/motivation to pursue into the next winter season. Steve K will send a separate email with Doodle calendar later in April with some possible dates for the first such call (May/June time frame).

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