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April 23 , 2010 Conference Call Notes

Provided by: Steve Keighton, SOO - Blacksburg, VA (RNK)

Presentation on global climate signals and snowfall in Appalachian region by Gary Votaw at JKL: Gary provided very interesting results (presentation here) of extensive statistical analysis work correlating a large number of global climate indices and seasonal snowfall in the general Appalachian region, using a large number of sites. He was not able to specifically break out NWFS events, but we talked about some potential approaches for that in the future. A great start though, with possible application for other areas, and did indicate some interesting results as far as which indices (as measured at the beginning of the winter season) correlated best with heavy snow as one moves from south to north through this region. The details are in his power pt, which was emailed to the group, and is on the new Google sites page for research collaboration, and can also be placed on the main NWFS web site for broader access.

This was Gary's last day in the JKL office as he will become the new SOO at San Juan, and leaves for his new position Monday! We thank Gary very much for his involvement with the group and in his particular interest with the large scale connections to snowfall and NWFS events! We hope to identify another person in the JKL office to participate in the near future, but for now we wish Gary the best of luck in his new, and much more tropical, position!

Future research: Google Sites NW Flow Snow collaborative web page: We confirmed the capability for anyone in the group to do an "Edit Post" under specific research topic area, which works as long as only one person is editing at a time, and you hit the "Save" button in the upper right corner after you've typed in your text. We'll use the "Edit Post" option for adding important information, links, or files for any topic (mainly by those folks working on that "team", and then anyone in the group can use the "Add Comment" option to add other thoughts or ask questions.

Larry has made some initial contacts with the CIPS folks at SLU regarding the Analog tool and will be sharing their feedback soon. Steve is hoping to do some work on specific sub-category definitions later this summer, share that with the group for input, and then get a student volunteer working on collecting events and placing them in the appropriate sub-category by this fall. May need some help with feedback at various stages of this effort.

Other news: Baker at ASU reported through email he is currently in the process of moving the sounding system to ASU campus in support of a project he and a student are working on related to southeast upslope precip events, and also tied to aerosol measurements. He and Doug are also in the process of upgrading observation equipment at Grandfather Mtn in time for nest winter. Also, they hope to have a new GPS sounding system available by next winter. Doug added (via email) that he is also hoping to get a new sounding system for UNC-A, and the main issue for next winter are the resources of radiosondes and students! A new MRR is a bigger goal, but is another step up in terms of asking for funding.

Brian at RENCI reported the new web site for the HME (high res ensemble) is very close to being unveiled (around May 1?), and that there will likely be some new members included (NCEP 4km WRF-NMMs I think?). ERH is still working with Brian to get data to the NWS offices for AWIPS, and it is essentially happening, but some kinks are being worked out. Josh Watson will work with the WFOs to help get that set up. Grib2 is proving to be a little challenging, but necessary so we can still have it when we transition to AWIPS-2. We should expect to have the basic 2D fields into AWIPS and via the web site well in advance of next winter, and we may be able to add a few more.

Next call: May 21st, 10am (the 14th would be the 2nd choice).

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