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May 18, 2007 Conference Call Notes

Provided by: Steve Keighton, SOO - Blacksburg, VA (RNK)

We had a small group on the call this past Friday (4 of us), but we had some good discussion on a couple of ideas for future work we would like to pursue. Below is a brief summary of the ideas we had, and are interested to hear what others think:

Blair has agreed to be the manager of a centralized web site for the NW Flow Snow topic, which could include the following information: brief case reviews similar to what Blair and others have already done, power point presentations or other data we share on calls, conf call summary notes, list of pertinent papers/references, links to local model output and other data resources, etc. It could be modeled after the general CSTAR page. The main issue at this point is finding an appropriate server to host it, not knowing exactly how much space we might eventually need. I agreed to ask ER SSD for help with this (which I have not done yet).

We agreed these brief case reviews are great to continue to do as we can, and those that highlight the MRR data are especially helpful for supporting formal funding possibilities for Sandra's radars.

We talked a bit about collecting together several of the good cases we've already identified over the past couple of years and doing some kind of an observationally-based paper on NWFS events in the southern/central Appalachians (including MRR data, 88D, satellite, soundings, etc). This could either be a conference presentation (and there a couple coming up that could be appropriate such as the 2nd Lake Effect Conference in October (Oswego) or the Annual AMS Meeting in January (New Orleans). Abstracts are due to ER SSD Sept 6 and July 18 respectively. Perhaps a better idea was to write something up for BAMS, with heavy emphasis on the MRR data. Whatever we decide to do along these lines, we'll have to start planning the specifics soon, including who wants to take the lead, who wants to be involved and help with what aspects of the writing, etc.

Modeling: RLX is archiving initialization tiles and LAPS files for hot start for 30 days, so if a case is identified that someone wants to re-run, get with Kevin Mcgrath within 30 days of event. RNK is hoping to get their local WRF running by the end of the summer or early fall; probably 3-4km res with explicit convection, ARW core, nested. Would be great to have offices use some common outer domain but tough to decide what that would be since there are other competing needs and other clusters of offices working on other problems. Also, Ohio Univ is about to start running a WRF and Kevin will make them aware of the NWFS group interest.

Given the desire to put together a paper of some kind, it seems prudent to try and have calls throughout the summer, and despite folks travel schedules hopefully between the next couple of months we can include most people on at least one call. So, we'll try for a June 15 call, with a focus on planning the paper. However, I'd love to hear thoughts from those who were not on this last call on this subject via email before June 15.


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