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June 22, 2007 Conference Call Notes

Provided by: Steve Keighton, SOO - Blacksburg, VA (RNK)

Here are some brief notes from today's call. We had 6 people on altogether I believe.

Potential BAMS article(s): Group thought it might be best to consider two separate articles. First one focusing on the MRR data using some key examples from the past season, and emphasizing the potential operational utility with this unique data set. Important to keep it fairly brief and focused, but we'd still need to provide a little background on the forecast challenge of NWFS and maybe a paragraph or two on some of the things that have been done already with climatology and numerical modeling. Jeff W at ER SSD and Chair of the BAMS Editorial Board (who I talked to after the call) thought that this was a reasonable approach, and suggested it might be most appropriate for the Map Room section. Sandra has some students who will be working on a web page with a collection of MRR data and some good examples, and once that is put together she'll have a better idea of what is appropriate to include in the paper.

We also talked about a second article (perhaps in parallel, although Jeff W suggested we don't want to take away from the time it takes to put the MRR-focused article together, so maybe we do this second) which would provide more of an overview of the collaborative approach to this project, while at the same time summarizing some of the research that's already been done and ideas for future plans. The purpose though would be to spotlight the success of this group in getting some methods and climate knowledge gained from this work effectively into operations, and how the frequent discussions and event review among the group have helped in this process. A bulk of the work on this paper would come from the field folks I would think.

NWFS web page was briefly discussed: Blair still willing to lead efforts to put this together. Need to determine a better idea of how much space we anticipate needing before we know whether we can do this on a WFO internet server, or have to consider getting ERH or even perhaps NCSU to find some space. We don't need a lot of space as it will mainly be conf call notes, power pt slides, links to local models, and links to references and local event reviews, but perhaps also links to live BUFKIT data from the local models all consolidated in one place and also some archived BUFKIT data from key eventually we may need more storage space. I talked with Jeff W about this too, and he said it really depends on whether we are talking 10s of MB or 100s of MBs or more. Most likely we can start off on a WFO site. Not sure if you want to get started with something simple on the GSP site Blair, and as we learn more about the space requirements we can find another location, or if we want to wait. Jonathan, I'd like to talk with you about your knowledge of requirements for the main CSTAR page.

Steve Z @LWX gave us an update on their modeling efforts, which are impressive to say the least (and thanks for sharing all the data Steve)! I menioned our ongoing slow push to get a local WRF running (likely similar configuration to the LWX 4km ARW WRF), but also the ER push to better collaborate our local modeling efforts. I think the NWFS forecast issue is one area that would naturally lend itself to collaboration with model configurations, particularly if folks are considering a larger outer domain. I plan to coordinate more with some surrounding offices on this.

Next call: Friday July 27 @10am is the next time I can do it, and that seemed OK with those on the call. So let me know if this is particularly bad for any of you.

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