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July 27, 2007 Conference Call Notes

Provided by: Steve Keighton, SOO - Blacksburg, VA (RNK)

First we welcome new JKL SOO Gary Votaw to the group and look forward to his future involvement, as well as those interested on his staff.

BAMS paper(s): (1) Since it is likely that Sandra will be involved in one or two manuscript publications regarding specific applications of the MRR data (both at Raleigh and at Poga Mtn NC), we need to more carefully coordinate with her on whether is would be appropriate to do a separate focused article in BAMS highlighting this unique data sets with some examples and benefits in NWFS understanding and forecasting. Baker and I will communicate with Sandra around Aug 1 on this. (2) We will begin pursuing the idea of a summary article for BAMS (Map Room section?) to spotlight the NWFS discussion group, summarizing how we came to exist, what our purpose is, what sorts of work has been done in the past, maybe a brief case example, how are efforts have begun to benefit operations so far, and what are future goals are. If appropriate, we can also briefly highlight the MRR data, but that will depend partially on whether we do a separate BAMS article on the MRR data. I will take the lead (with Larry's help) on drafting an outline in the next couple of weeks for folks to comment on.

NWFS resource web page: Blair has drafted a template or skeleton design for the initial web page, and has sent it out for folks to comment on. He will fill in more blanks as soon as it appears that everyone is comfortable with the basic layout. Most comments so far are very positive, so thanks for getting this going Blair! Initially it will be hosted on the GSP web site, but depending on future size requirements and decisions to collect archived data at a central location, we may consider moving it to either NCSU or a ERH server perhaps. We'll see how things evolve. I'll be sending as many meeting minutes as I can to Blair to add to it, and another feature will be links to all available local model data, including BUFKIT files generated for common locations. Also the MRR data archive page (that Sandra recently sent out) will be linked from this page. Some discussion about whether or not to include "CSTAR" in the title since this is no longer a formal CSTAR project but our group was created as a spin-off of those efforts. It seemed to those of on the call that it would at least be appropriate to include it in a subtitle, if not the full title, but we're hoping Gary Lackmann might have some opinion on that. Gary?

Local model update: (1) RNK is about to purchase hardware to run a local WRF (4km ARW core, probably nested inside 12km larger domain), and hope to have that up and running well before winter begins. Will ultimately design a web interface similar to LWX. (2) LWX thinking about running a 3km version of their WRF-ARW if they can acquire additional hardware. Steve Z reminded everyone of the "dprog/dt" matrix interface at LWX, and Blair can probably include this link to the new web page. (3) Some discussion about plans or initial efforts toward collaborated modeling efforts in the Carolinas (UNC-Charlotte and UNC-A are involved), and the need for us to consider the benefits of doing the same or for now at least being flexible in what we do so that we can be ready to tie in with these efforts if appropriate. Our study focus and the efforts we've demonstrated already in collaborating may be a natural opportunity for the kind of modeling collaboration that will result in some sort of ensemble approach to the problem.

Great Smoky Mtns N.P. Snow Climatology study: Baker Perry, Chip Konrad, Larry Lee, and David Hotz have been collaborating on a detailed climatology of snowfall in the most visited N.P. in the country, and Baker has distributed a PP presentation (1.04 MB file) with the results that were presented at the Eastern Snow Conference in Newfoundland in late May. NW Flow is dominant for the snowfall at the highest elevations, and this is a good template for what can be done in other locations throughout the Appalachian region to see what the similarities are with the synoptic patterns and high elevation vs low elevation snow climatologies. They are working on a manuscript as a follow up to this conference.

Poga Mtn instruments update: Everything should remain in place through next winter season. Sandra has sent out a brand new web site with last season's data archived, and more data will be added to this. Blair will add this link to the NWFS resource web page. Larry will do some checking on what sort of effort it would take (including the cost, and where that might come from) to set up an internet connection to allow realtime access to this data for us.

Next call will try to have on a Friday in August. The 31st may be best for me, but the 24th will work too. Friday's before that are harder (on shift or at home). Let me know if the 31st or 24th are good for you.

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