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August 14, 2009 Conference Call Notes

Provided by: Steve Keighton, SOO - Blacksburg, VA (RNK)

Observational Data Resources and Field Project status: Updates provided by Doug on requests for funding for MRR, upper air and for students/transportation cost for radiosonde launches. Has gone to NSF and despite some discouraging signs, will still submit a request with an informal budget. Will emphasis educational aspects, as well as developing El Nino and potential for an active year. Doug may ask for letters of endorsement from NWS offices. Backup plan is to use LORAN system, but would still need to fund students/vehicles (which would be something less than $10K). Steve will check with ER SSD on other possible funding options, including the appropriateness of COMET Partners funds, which are about the right amount. Gary mentioned the Rapid Response Research and "EGERs" which have effectively replaced the "SGERs" as possible options for short turn-around funding.

Steve found out from a contact at Oak Ridge Labs and also through David Hotz that they are very willing to pitch in again this season with special radiosonde releases as necessary, but there is no other observation equipment available (such as an MRR) from them.

High Res Ensemble Project and Local model updates: The High Res Ensemble project at RENCI is going well with most of the members being received, and some output beginning to be generated. The next step (besides adding in the straggling members from RNK and a couple other offices), is to send back out various ensemble output of various fields, which would include max/min/mean and spread. The idea is this would be displayable in AWIPS at the local WFOs (will probably need to work with Chris Mello at WFO CLE to get this displayable in AWIPS), and eventually to have other output options available on a web site (pending resources to work on this).

RLX is still running two flavors of the WRF and with some upgrades hopes to run others, and may even have a little ensemble going at some point. Kevin will work with Brian to hopefully get some RLX WRF inclusion into the high res ensemble project. GSP is up on WRF-EMS V3, and RNK will be by the end of the month (and sending output to RENCI too).

More discussion on future plans: We are building enough a database (and still have extensive past COOP data) where we can work on a more detailed classification scheme within the general NWFS regime. Probably using GSP's sub-types as a starting point, and Baker and Chips climatology work, as well as some of the more recent data sets (MRR, soundings, snow-liquid-ratio data) to help classify sub-types. Ideally another 1-2 seasons of well documented cases would be good, but we can start process now. A very important aspect of this would be model performance with various synoptic scale sub-categories (i.e., clippers, closed lows, lee trough or weak low development, vs pure upslope NW flow). Gridded QPF verification is an option now in the WFOs with BOIverify software, and we can also take advantage of the RENCI verification package (at least with the ensemble project). This is probably a large enough project where we need to consider longer-term funding (3-5 yrs someone suggested), so we need to begin considering options for that. Steve can also chat with ER SSD about this.

We will keep this topic on the agenda for upcoming calls and begin to hammer out the approach we want to take, and what funding may be available and the timing of such.

BAMS article: Published in July issue! Congrats everyone! We may get contacts from others interested in this work, and more visits to the web page based on this.

Next call: Friday Sept 11 (10am) is the first choice, but if that's bad for a lot of folks then we'll try Sept 18. I need to hear from folks if 10am is generally OK this semester or if 9am would be any better. For those on the call, 10am seemed fine.

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