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September 28 , 2007 Conference Call Notes

Provided by: Steve Keighton, SOO - Blacksburg, VA (RNK)

BAMS article: A near final draft of a summary which will be submitted to the BAMS editors has been shared with everyone, and a few minor improvements were discussed. We discovered (after the call) that there are some BAMS requirements which we did not adhere to, so we are re-working a little bit and shortening, and coordinated with ERH SSD as well, and will likely submit early next week. Thanks for all those who have helped with this! We'll eventually figure out whose name gets to go last on the list of authors on the final article (what a humble group!)

Not discussed on the call (facilitator's fault for forgetting about this), was the appreciation for the sharing of potential figures to be used in the article. At some point, after we get the approval to go forward with the article, we can share a set of these figures along with the outline and get input from everyone. So far these figures have just been shared between a few of us.

Micro-Rain Radar article: Concern about lack of resources for page charges between NCSU and NWS. Larry will communicate with ER SSD about options for finding some way to help pay for this, and Gary L will check some CSTAR options. It would be good to keep it in one of the AMS journals if at all possible.

Real-time connection for Poga Mtn MRR data: Larry will also communicate with ER SSD about costs associated with this connection as well as instrument maintenance.

Web page: It is now "public", and once again the link is HERE. A few offices have it linked from the local research sections of their web page. Since it is public, be aware of any potentially sensitive issues in the content of event reviews or call notes. This should really be a useful resource this upcoming season.

Local updates: WFO RNK hardware for WRF cluster is starting to arrive, and goal is still to have model up and running by end of November. WFO GSP is putting together cluster for local WRF as well, and hopes to have running by about the same time frame as RNK. WFO RLX will be using the new E-AWIPS machine for additional disk space to allow running their ARW WRF with a LAPS hot start (so now both NMM and ARW) are running with a hot start.

Next call scheduled for Friday Oct 26 @9am: We'll spend at least some of the time talking about developing some initial operational methodologies we can test out this season in the WFOs, and maybe also what we want to accomplish at a face-to-face meeting perhaps in the spring (which could include refining these methods based on lessons learned this season). Other topics will hopefully include the BAMS article (if we hear a positive response from the editors), and updates on many of the above issues. Steve K will send out a reminder by mid October to begin thinking about ideas for what would be included in a local forecast methodology so we'll be prepared to discuss them on the call.

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