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November 6, 2009 Conference Call Notes

Provided by: Steve Keighton, SOO - Blacksburg, VA (RNK)

Future research ideas: Most of the call focused on this broad topic, and referenced the powerpoint presentation Steve K sent to the group (a couple of iterations). Lots of excellent discussion, and most of the ideas and comments were hopefully captured in an updated version of this powerpoint presentation, which will be attached with the email and is expected to be available on the NWFS web site as well.

To summarize, we are just beginning a fairly lengthy processes of identifying what else would be important to work on in support of operational needs and possible student research projects. Focus was on the need to develop some kind of classification scheme, how to start this, and how to test and refine this based on fitting a season or more worth of cases. Also, how we would utilize such a classification scheme and the differences between a synoptic pattern based scheme vs. a physical process scheme. Lots of ideas for model-based research once we get to that point, but also some ideas for doing more with the climatology database, and perhaps making a web database of events or developing an analog tool. Regarding the analog tool, for those who are not aware of what St Louis Univ has developed under the Cooperative Institute for Precipitation Systems (CIPS), see the following URL which may generate some additional thoughts on how we could utilize something like this for NWFS.

Otherwise, the details of what we covered hopefully are contained within the bullets and notes in this powerpoint slide show, which will serve as a living document as we continue to come up with, fine tune, and prioritize our ideas throughout the next several months or more. I expect each call for the foreseeable future will have at least 30 minutes devoted to continuing to work on this.

Also, Steve K will solicit the interest of anyone not on the call today to participate in a call on Nov 13 to add to this discussion before the next regularly scheduled call in Dec. If this call does take place, anyone is welcome to participate. Otherwise, additional ideas can be shared via email.

Field project status: The sounding system at Poga Mountain is in place and operational, with some minor concerns about low level wind availability, but that appears hopeful too. The MRR from California that is available to us for at least this season has not arrived yet. We are very appreciative of having access to this kind of vertical data once again! Baker will keep us informed as to its readiness, and if anything changes regarding access to the data from past years (and we can re-send instructions from last year if necessary as well).

Next call: Other than an optional call Nov 13 which will be coordinated via email, tentative date for the next regular call is Dec 4 at 10am. Second choice is Dec 18.

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