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November 14, 2008 Conference Call Notes

Provided by: Steve Keighton, SOO - Blacksburg, VA (RNK)

Status of data set and formal projects: Poga Mtn MRR parts have been in Germany waiting repair (they decided to keep them through Oktoberfest I guess), but it is hopeful it will be back up and running on Poga Mtn very soon. Doug Miller is still awaiting word on proposal to fund sonde launches this season in eastern TN, and may hear something back from RENCI as soon as today. He has some other feelers out though. Doug and David Hotz report that Oak Ridge labs may be willing to do one launch a day during events for an upstream sounding (not clear on how these would be easily accessible to all of us). Also, some new obs sites on Mtn tops (Beech Mtn and Grandfather Mtn) that may prove helpful (Parcival I think Baker said). CoCoRaHS density continues to expand in wrn NC. Looks like it will get underway in WV, but not until May. Steve Nelson (FFC) also talked about pretty good density in nrn GA mtns.

Some discussion on main goals of group for this season: Better coordination of how we're running and sharing models? May need to tie in to some degree with ER Modeling team efforts (Steve Z is member), and this might not realistically be that far along this season. Ultimately would be good to get much of the data into AWIPS. Otherwise, perhaps some changes on our NWFS web page would be a good start. Maybe central location to store BUFR sounding output from WRFs?

  • Regarding modeling, Steve Z had contacted Stan Benjamin (experimental 3km High Res Rapid Refresh hourly WRF) about possible expanding domain a little farther south (see current domain image at end of these notes). Here's the URL for the 3km HRRR data:
  • GSP and FFC running WRF but not on web at this time
  • RNK's WRF is still out for maintenance, but hope to get motherboard back from the "shop" before Dec 1 and up and running, with gempak images on the web
  • Brief discussion on WFOs working together to develop a standard forecast methodology/process. May fit in nicely with next topic.
  • Group may be asked to become involved with COMET training course on NWP (with one sub-topic specifically NWFS in Appalachians). Several expressed willingness to help out in some capacity, and we may want to consider developing a WES case. Dave H already has a couple for MRX. I'll let the group know if I hear of anything else. Maybe I can even invite Bill Bua on a future call and we can discuss.
  • Consider proposing COMET proposal for GIS related application for NWFS data, or forecasts, model output, verification? Greg Dobson (UNC-A) may be one major contributor. RENCI also is setting up a WRF performance system, and along those lines perhaps a student as part of a COMET project could help provide objective verification of various WRF models regarding NWFS snow events. Not sure who would take lead on this, but keep thinking about this idea.
  • Think about potential NWFS-related presentation at the WAF Conf in Omaha (June 2009).
  • Not sure about expanding group too much (potentially farther north), but have not heard anything from PA offices (who we heard might be interested in getting involved). This could have advantages and disadvantages. We have expanded south to include FFC and happy to have Steve Nelson join us on this call!

Listserv: Would like to expand participation on cstar_nwfs listserv. Steve K will resend instructions for how to sign on, and SOOs are asked to encourage their staff to join, and university faculty may consider asking interested students. Steve will also send to Dan Petersen at HPC.

BAMS article: Decided on asking Jeff W for a Jan 14 deadline extension (have since communicated and confirmed this with Jeff). Steve K will post the reviewers comments on Google docs and section authors can "sign up" for what they respond to by adding notes. Hopefully can also post each section of manuscript on Google docs so we can begin to actually edit it. Steve will try to have these posted by mid next week. Deadline for edits and responses to reviewers back to Steve is end of Dec. Steve will collate and get back to Jeff by Jan 15. We need to also get EPS or TIFF versions of most of the figures.

Future calls: Next call Dec 12 @9am. We may continue alternating between 9am and 11am into 2009, having calls once per month, but depending on academic schedules it might work out to simply stick with one time.

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