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March 19, 2004

Added an updated version of the virtual tour to the page.

March 18, 2004

Our new, assistant webmaster made a very welcome overhaul to the climate page. Now the data which used to be on three separate sections has been consolidated onto one menu. All the old climate data is there, but hopefully it will be easier to find.

February 18, 2004

Two links added to the Numerical Models page for Model Output Statistics (MOS) guidance generated for our Cooperative Observer Sites across the western Carolinas and northeast Georgia. The MOS is run off the GFS model and supplies medium and short range temperature guidance to over 50 sites in the Greenville-Spartanburg County Warning Area.

August 20, 2003

The National Weather Service Eastern Region Web sites were moved to a new server network. Please use this address < >to benefit from the increased performance and faster access times offered by the new web servers. If you experience problems with some links make sure you are using the address above.

May 2, 2003

Updated the NOAA Weather Radio Page to include the three new commissioned transmitters.

Added a link to the new Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS) Page under the 'Current Conditions' section on the left-hand menu.

April 2, 2003

Updated the Local Research Page.

Also updated the Daily Temperature and Precipitation Extremes/Records for Asheville, Charlotte, and Greenville/Spartanburg on the Climate Page.

February 21, 2003

Added BUFKIT software information to the Numerical Models page.

February 1, 2003

Gave the Climate page a slight makeover to make room for Archive information for Anderson and Hickory. In addition, reintroduce a F6 help page and a disclaimer with point of contact.

January 14, 2003

Added a photo album of observers receiving awards for their accomplishments in the Cooperative Program. COOP Awards

December 15, 2002

Added a detailed summary of the November 10-11, 2002 significant outbreak of severe thunderstorms (31 warnings issued, 29 for severe thunderstorms, and 2 for tornadoes) to the Local Research page.

November 27, 2002

Added a "work in progress" site map.

September 30, 2002

Added a link for a new product called the Hazardous Weather Outlook, it is issued daily to inform the public, emergency managers, media, and Skywarn Spotters of the potential for winter, fire, convective, or non-precipitation weather, tropical, marine or flood hazards within the next 7 days. The link is located on the left-hand menu under the "Current Hazards" section.

September 17, 2002

The Hydrology Section was organized into a three page suite. The three new pages are AHPS, Current Conditions, and Past Conditions, the pages contain the same information found on the old hydro page with some new links. Hopefully, information will be located quicker with the reorganization.

July 18, 2002

Daily summaries for Anderson and Hickory were added to the climate page.

May 12, 2002

Added links to the new forecast pages, which you can get to by clicking on the counties on the map on the main page of our site. These pages are generated by a dedicated National Weather Service server. If they go down, please send us email to let us know.

A form has also been added to upper left hand side of each page which will let users get a National Weather Service forecast for any part of the country by searching by city and state.

April 26, 2002

Our new, assistant webmaster made some very welcome changes to the climate page. Now the data which used to be on three separate pages is consolidated onto one page, most of which is accessible through drop-down menus. All the old climate data are there, but hopefully it will be easier to find. Also, "climate data" was replaced with "past weather" in many parts of the site.

April 14, 2002

The forecast page now has a new Experimental Graphical Forecast. This supplements the Graphical Forecast Table which has been on the forecast page for a couple months now. In order to link to the data, the page layout was changed, though the names of all the sub-links are still the same.

March 30, 2002

Many minor changes to the look and feel of the page. Added a link back to the main page from all the interior pages on the site -- just click on "Greenville-Spartanburg, SC Home" at the top of each page. All sub-pages now have the new "look and feel".

February 17, 2002:

Posted the first version of the "Corporate Web Image" for people's reaction. This page format will be standardized across all National Weather Service pages, from field offices up to the national level. This homogeneous look and feel will make surfing NWS pages, and finding information, much easier.

Also changed the Graphical Forecast Table to use an image map rather than a table. Please let me know if you would also like the old table back!

January 26, 2002:

Added the new 30-year climate normals to the climate page

January 14, 2002:

Added a virtual tour to the page

December 26, 2001:

Updated Office Staff page

December 26, 2001:

Several updates to the Event Criteria page

November 5, 2001:

Added a map of coop sites to the cooperative observers page

October 5, 2001:

Daily Climate data are now available for Asheville; Charlotte and Greenville (NOTE: This link will change based on the current month). Also added pictures of the gage to West Pelzer E-19 river forecast point page.

September 27, 2001:

Added a picture of our office to the Office Staff page, as well as adjusted staff page to reflect recent arrivals and departures.

August 8, 2001:

Added two new pictures to the second page of our photo gallery.

July 22, 2001:

Have, for the most part, substituted style sheets for much of the formatting on the site. This is to comply with Section 508 of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998. Anyone who uses a text reader is strongly encouraged to provide feedback to the  web page focal point. Thanks!

July 17th, 2001:

Added links to the Southeast River Forecast Center's products to hydrologic services page. Also reorganized the entire page and added a few graphics and blue and gold bordered headers. Opinions on the new headers welcome.

July 10th, 2001:

Added links for the ASOS's at Clemson and Greenwood to the regional observations page

June 19th, 2001:

Many of the links for short fuse warning products on the watches, warnings and statements page, as well as the hydrologic services page have been redirected from sites outside of the NWS to sites inside of the NWS.

June 16th, 2001:

Added River Forecast Point information, as well as flood stage and flood damage information to the hydrologic services page. Also added some links to drought information to the page. June 7th, 2001: Added a few links to the forecast and discussions page. These links point to pages with information about abbreviations commonly used in Area Forecast Discussions (AFD's) May 18th, 2001: Added a Graphical Forecast to the site. This forecast has 3 hour resolution and much more detail than the tradition text-based forecast.

May 10th, 2001: Added a link to the GSP Hazardous Weather Outlook to the top of the watches, warnings and statements page. Also added a link to the SPC Day 1 and Day 2 severe weather outlooks. Redirected several links on the page as well.

April 4, 2001: Finished adding a "footer" section to all pages. This means every page that branches of the main menu has contact information and page creation information at the bottom. Also fixed the menu so it looks a little better in Netscape.

March 11, 2001: Daily temperature and precipitation records have been combined into one table on the Greenville-Spartanburg climate data page. Also, the precipitation data on this page now go back to 1918, and high min and low max data are available. 

February 10, 2001: Replaced the table layout for monthly climate archives with a drop down menu for Charlotte, Greenville-Spartanburg and Asheville.

February 5, 2001: Added some old weather headlines (aka mini case-studies) to the local data page.

February 4, 2001: Added a very nice paper on winter weather at our office done by Benjamin Moyer to the local data page. Fixed the link to the Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center on the hydrology page. Added better links for surrounding offices fire weather forecasts and Red Flag Warnings to the fire weather page.

February 1, 2001: Added a link to the Morristown, TN QPF to our hydrology page as it contains QPF data for two North Carolina mountain counties.

January 31, 2001: We now have a weather criteria page. This explains our criteria for various watches, warnings and statements.

January 31, 2001: Since we no longer upload our own BUFKIT data, there is now a link to the Penn State BUFKIT page on our local data/research page.

January 22, 2001: Added Daily Precipitation and Temperature Records from 1918-1962 for Downtown Greenville

January 1, 2001: Real-time radar data are now available on our radar page.

December 6, 2000: Added a significant weather report form to the spotter/skywarn page.

December 6, 2000: I don't usually put things from the weather headline section here, we but have been trying to make better maps for our headlines and mini case studies. The December 2-3 snow event is our first one using the new software.

December 5, 2000: Added a link to NCDC's Storm Events Database to the Watches, Warnings and Statements page. This database goes back seven years and has everything form severe thunder warnings, to snowfall reports to drought information on a state by state and county by county basis.

December 3, 2000: Updated Charlotte climate page to include snowfall data and record low max and high min data in the Daily Temperature and Precipitation Records section. Thanks to our climatology focal point for all of his hard work on these records!

December 2, 2000: Added an intermediate page to the Revised Digital Zone Forecast as there have been some requests for instructions on how to read the product. Also added the RDF to the Forecasts and Discussions page. Before it was just a headline.

September 23, 2000: Added a link to the Naval Research Laboratory page for tropical cyclones to the tropical weather page.

September 9, 2000: Severe Thunderstorm Warnings are now directly uploaded to the watches, warnings and advisories page. This way we have more than one version online. We'll soon do this with other short fuse warnings as well.

September 9, 2000: Added the Hartsfield Intl. ob to the regional airport observations page (under "current observations"). Also added some links to good information of El Nino and La Nina to the climate page.

August 30, 2000: Added what is hopefully a friendlier menu to the page. Also added a County Warning Area image map to the main page. There is also an image map on the NOAA Weather Radio page which will make it a little clearer as to who is served by our increasing number of transmitters. Lots of little internal tweaks as well. Let me know if any pages have stopped loading.

August 25-28, 2000: Replaced many of the text files on the climate page with html files. These files are now much larger, though they look a little better.

July 1, 2000: Updated our pictures page using tables. Also added a new picture. If you have any pictures you would like to contribute to our page, taken from our CWA, send them in!

June 30, 2000: Added a map of the broadcast service area of the Toccoa, Ga (WWH-24) and Nantahala, NC (WWG-82) NOAA Weather Radio transmitters to the NOAA Weather Radio page. Also cleaned the page up a little bit.

June 29, 2000: Added links to several new extended forecast products to the forecasts and discussions page.

May 12, 2000: We now have a search engine on the main page. This engine is hosted by the Eastern Region of the National Weather Service and searches all Eastern Region pages.

May 12, 2000: Radar data are back! The new radar page provides a link to all the primary vendors of the WSR-88D data.

May 11-12, 2000: Jump pages are being added to all external links from this site. For an example, click here.

May 11, 2000: Added a link to the StormReady page to the main page.

May 6, 2000: Updated station history page to reflect our completion of the NWS Modernization, and our new status as a Weather Forecast Office (WFO).

May 3, 2000: Added NOAA Weather Radio Station WWH-24 to the NOAA Weather Radio page.

April 25th, 2000: Added Flash Flood Guidance for our CWA to the hydrology page. Also reformatted the page to make it easier to navigate.

April 4th, 2000: Discovered the "TAB to Spaces" feature on my editor. The monthly climate data look much better.

March 24th, 2000: Added a link to the front page for Weather.Gov, a good source for national weather data. This is where I usually look when I get a mail request for the weather in Bismarck or Albuquerque :)

March 3rd, 2000: Added a page with information on the new NWR transmitters in our county warning area.

March 3rd, 2000: Added several local Red Flag warning/Fire Weather Watch products to the Fire Weather Page.

February 17th, 2000: Added the Fire Weather Operations Plan to the Fire Weather page.

January 31, 2000: We now directly FTP our climate summaries to the web page. There is one problem with this as a "\" character gets stuck to the end of each line when the text files are sent from unix to dos. This will be fixed soon. Did a similar thing for the fire weather page, which now has our Fire Weather Forecast, and a few new links.

December 21, 1999: Was able to add back several of the *.com links. Radar links are not among them. Added two new links to the satellite page under "other images".

December 21, 1999: Added a new page with Numerical Model data. Also changed the menu indentation and added a rollover script such that makes links light up red (only works in Explorer).

December 18, 1999: Added a section to the Local Data page where we'll put the "weather headlines" and other very small case studies from now on.

December 5, 1999: Added several regional airports to the regional airport observation page. I also added a link to this page to the aviation page.

December 5, 1999: Not a lot of new content the past few months. We do periodically post brief reviews of significant weather events on the main page. We also update climate information every month. And coming soon will be a revamped Fire Weather Page as we will begin to issue an official Fire Weather Forecast within the next two months (the official date will soon be posted). Oh yes, I removed links to *.coms from this page as well. Thanks to one of our constant readers for pointing out this omission.

November 11, 1999: Due to a recent policy change, all links to *.com address have been removed from the page. Sorry for the inconvenience.

September 29-30, 1999: Uploaded the new page design. This is a purely table-based format without frames. Let me know of any problems! Thanks go to Mike Murphy for showing me how the page layout would be easier with style sheets.

September 18, 1999: Added links to high resolution images to satellite page (actually this is the satellite page from the new page, but it was easier than updating the old page)

September 18, 1999: Added a link to the Canadian Hurricane Center to the tropical weather page. Note, you can get Hurricane Center products from this site as well, and it might be faster ;-)

September 10, 1999: Added a rather belated special link to PNS for this past hot and dry August.

August 29, 1999: Added link to new page layout ( Removed this link as this is now the main page). It could be a while until I make it official -- your comments appreciated. Added a "seasonal weather" section to the main page. Its purpose, I hope, is self-evident.

August 29, 1999: Added a little java roll-over script to main page to show hail-stones from Aug 20th storms. Also put up a reflectivity image of the parent supercell.

August 13, 1999: Added a section to drought page to allow access to CAE's drought online chat on the 23rd.

August 11, 1999: Added a drought page.

July 24 1999: Added a section to Weather Observations page for graphical weather observations (surface maps and the like).

Note: The OSU (Ohio State University) server, a site which I have several links to, was hacked into early in July. They are finally back online, but apparently the site sustained quite a bit of damage.

July 14 1999: Added data for the number of 90 and 100 degree days for GSP to climate data page. Also changed the layout for AVL, GSP and CLT main climate pages. Nothing drastic in appearance, but the order is now a little more logical.

June 20, 1999: Established new directory structure for home page. Now all of the major sections of the page have their own directory. This will make my life a lot easier. Please let me know if any links have fallen through the cracks as a result.

June 4, 1999: Fixed all the Intellicast links -- please let me know if they are not (These links have been removed). Also added "local data" section to non-frames page. Over the past month or so I've made a few minor changes such as adding a Model Output Statistics (MOS) section and more BUFKIT data to the "local data" page.

May 13, 1999: Added a "QuickCast" link to the zone forecasts on both the framed and non framed main-pages. The javascript code is basically the same as that from the National Weather Service office at Mt. Holly, NJ, so thanks should go to them for this bit of code.

April 17, 1999: Added a few high resolution images to the satellite page. I should also mention that I have removed the site counter as the company which hosted it seems to have gone out of business. I will add a new counter as soon as I find one I like.

March 27, 1999: Added new section to "NWS Products" called Local Data. For now this page has BUFKIT data.

March 12, 1999: Added link for GSP's Non Precipitation Warnings on the Severe and Winter Weather Page.

March 5, 1999: Fixed many links for monthly climate data on the climate page which I inadvertently broke (with a little help from a certain ftp program).

January 23, 1999: Added map for NOAA Weather Radio coverage areas.

December 2, 1998: Added Link to GSP Airport home page. (This link removed)

December 1, 1998: Updated numerous pages to coincide with NWSO GSP's assumption of forecast and long-fused watch/warning/advisory responsibilities.

August 29, 1998: Added links to Fire Weather Forecasts.

August 21, 1998: Added several area SKYWARN links. (Several have been removed)

August 17, 1998: Added link to Atlantic Tropical Weather Center.

June 29, 1998: Severe weather page updated.

June 2, 1998: Charlotte monthly climate data added.

April 11, 1998: Implemented table format to our "noframes" title page.

March 22, 1998: Added links to Weather Safety and Preparedness information.

March 13, 1998: Enhanced climate page added.

February 1, 1998: Added link to Site Usage Statistics. (This link no longer valid)

December 3, 1997: Picture of the Month and Guest book sections added. (guest book removed)

November 18, 1997: Added link to Ski North Carolina. (This link removed)

October 22, 1997: Added link to NC State Climate Office.

September 14, 1997: Updated Satellite Page with many new links.

August 28, 1997: Added link to Rainfall Reports from the Western Carolinas and Northeast Georgia.

August 16, 1997: NWS GSP Softball team "Hook Echo" game info & stats added. (This link no longer valid)

August 14, 1997: Added link to IFLOWS home page, North Carolina rainfall data along with near real-time weather observations from area airports.

July 1, 1997: Added Tropical Weather Page.

June 19, 1997: Link to Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center added to Hydrologic Products section of "Forecast Programs".

May 6, 1997: Added link to Public Information Statement. (This link no longer valid)

April 16, 1997: Climatological database for 1997 added to "Climate Products".

April 10, 1997: Added links to regional city pages to "Other Links" section.

April 7, 1997: Added NOAA Weather Radio Survey.

March 9, 1997: Added 6 to 10 day forecasts to "Discussions and Forecasts" section.

March 9, 1997: Added link to Climatology Research Laboratory - University of Georgia to "Other Links".

February 6, 1997: Link to Southeast River Forecast Center added to Hydrologic Products section of "Forecast Programs".

January 25, 1997: County warning area map added.

December 10, 1996: Added monthly river and rainfall summaries to "Hydrologic Products".

December 6, 1996: Added links for specific forecasts by county under "Discussions and Forecasts" section.

November 5, 1996: Office photo changed, added link to SC EPD under "Other Links" section.

October 29, 1996: Home page released onto the WWW.

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