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NWS Wilmington NC Diversity/EEO
Welcome to The National Weather Service Wilmington NC Diversity and EEO Page. Our office is involved in numerous activities in these areas...check out some of the details below...
Special Events
a picture of the cinco de mayo festival From time to time...we have special theme luncheons to celebrate our diverse office culture. The latest one occurred in celebration of The Cinco De Mayo Holiday and was orgonized by our diversity focal point...Jessica Neiles. Click on the picture to get more details...
Targeted Outreach
a picture of a school presentation Over the past year...the office has initiated a comprehensive "targeted outreach" program. Several visits to rural schools in the outskirts of our county warning area have taken place with thousands of students reached. Check out the details by clicking on the picture...
a picture of mentoring The office has hosted several students from The University of North Carolina at Wilmington as well as others in the area. Click on the picture to the right to find out more...
Diversity Calender
Scroll over the links to learn more

a picture of louis braille The birthday of Louis Braille who was a French educator. He developed the system that uses raised dots to encode a message.
a picture of alvin ailey The birthday of Alvin Ailey...an African American dancer and choreographer. He blended elements of classical ballet...Afro-Caribbean dance...jazz and modern dance in his work.
a picture of carlo tresca The birthday of Carlo Tresca...an Italian/American journalist. He was a lifelong crussader for social and economic justice and individual rights.
a picture of Martin Buber The birthday of Martin Buber...a Jewish Austrian and theologian. Buber developed a theology of Jewish existentialism that emphasized a strong personal relationship between God and the individual.
a picture of Bob Marley The birthday of Bob Marley...a Jamaican musician. He was the most influential star of reggae...a Jamaican form of popular music that draws on Afro-Caribbean dance and American soul.
a picture of the mexican war February 5 is Constitution Day in Mexico. On this day in 1917...Mexico adopted its first constitution.
a picture of Blanche Bruce March 1 is the birthday of Blanche Bruce...an African American legislator. Bruce represented Mississippi in the United States Senate from 1875 to 1881.
a picture of the Morocco Flag March 3 is National Day in Morocco. In 1915...Morocco became independent from France and Spain.
a picture of Albert Einstien Albert Einstein was a Jewish German American and a leading physicist of the twentieth century. He received the Nobel Prize for physics in 1921.
a picture of the tailand flag April 6 celebrates Chakri Day in Thailand. This day commemorates the founding of the present dynasty by King Rama I.
a picture of Ramon Emeterio Betances April 8 celebrates the birthday of Ramon Emeterio Betances. Betances was a Puerto Rican physician...writer...and revolutionary leader.
a picture of advent April 13 celebrates the birthday of Samuel Beckett. Beckette was an Irish playwright and novelist. Beckett won the 1969 Nobel prize for literature.
a picture of miguel costilla May 8 celebrates the birthday of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla. Costilla was from Mexico and was a both a political and military leader. He lead the insurgency against Mexico's rulers in 1810-1811.
a picture of Irving Berlin On December 2...Advent begins. Advent...which means arrival...begins the Christmas season and includes the four Sundays before Christmas.
a picture of Leo Baeck May 11 celebrates the birthday of Irving Berlin. Berlin was a Jewish Russian American. He was a famous song wirter...writing the lyrics and music to some 1500 songs...including the scores for many stage and screen comedies.
a picture of the Kenya Flag Madaraka Day Kenya. This marks the day in 1964 that Kenya attained self-rule as a republic with Jomo Kenyatta as its first president.
a picture of the New Zeland flag On June 17 1944...Iceland declared full independence from Denmark in 1944...becoming the Republic of Iceland.
a picture of the Corpus Christi celebration The Feast of Corpus Christi (Latin for “Body of Christ”) is a moveable Christian feast commemorating the Holy Eucharist. Observed on June7.
a picture of thurgood marshall July 2 celebrates the birthday of Thurgood Marshall. Marshall was a civil rights leader and served as the first African American associate justice of the Supreme Court from 1967 to 1991.
a picture of the algerian flag July 3 is Independence Day in Algeria. Ruled by the Ottoman Turks since the mid-sixteenth century and populated mainly by Arabs who introduced Islam as the country's predominant religion, Algeria became a colony of France in 1848. A war of independence from France began in 1954, and Algeria became independent in 1962.
a picture of garibaldi July 4 celebrates the birthday of Giuseppe Garibaldi, an Italian military leader. Garibaldi led the military forces of the revolutionary movement for the unification and independence of Italy from 1848 to 1867.
a picture of louis armstrong August 4 celebrates the birthday of Louis Armstrong, an African American musician and orchestra leader. Affectionately known as "Satchmo," Armstrong was one of the leading figures in the history of jazz.
a picture of james baldwin August 2 celebrates the birthday of James Baldwin, an African American writer. In his novels and plays especially in his essays, Baldwin bore powerful witness to the harsh realities of racial injustice in the United States.
a picture of the jamacian flag August 6 celebrates Independence Day in Jamaica. After centuries of British rule, Jamaica achieved its independence on this day in 1962.
a picture of richard wright September 4 celebrates the birthday of Richard Wright...the most widely read African American writer of the early twentieth century. His best known novel is Native Son... which was written in 1940.
a picture of the brazilian flag September 7 celebrates the Independence Day for Brazil. On this day in 1822...the son of Portugal's king...and regent of Brazil...declared Brazil independent of Portugal and himself Emperor Pedro I.
a picture of advent September 9 marks the day when the People's Republic of China honors Confucius.
a picture of nat turner October 2 celebrates the birthday of Nat Turner. Turner was a leader of a slave revolt in Virginia.
a picture of sukkoth October 2 marks the celebration of Sukkoth...the first of three holidays celebrated over a nine-day period...and begins five days after Yom Kippur.
a picture of john ross October third celebrates the birthday of John Ross. Ross served as chief of the Cherokee Nation from 1827...when the tribe established a constitutional government...until his death n 1866.
a picture of a small japanese girl November 3 celebrates Culture Day in Japan. This public holiday was established in 1948 to promote the appreciation of peace and culture.
a picture of will rogers November 4 celebrates the birthday of William (Will) Rogers Jr. Will Rogers was an American Indian...Cherokee. His homespun humor won him national fame and great popularity as a stage and film actor...radio personality... and writer of a syndicated newspaper column.
a picture of john sousa November 6 celebrates the birthday of John Sousa. Sousa was a Portuguese American. He was a composer and band conductor. He wrote a number of marches that by virtue of their military vigor...tunefulness...and instrumentation brought him the title... The March King.
a picture of advent On December 2...Advent begins. Advent...which means arrival...begins the Christmas season and includes the four Sundays before Christmas.
a picture of joseph conrad December 3 celebrates the birthday of Joseph Conrad. Conrad was a Polish/British writer. After spending his youth as a merchant seaman on French and British ships...Conrad settled in England and began a career as a novelist and short story writer.
a picture of advent December 5 celebrates the birthday of Josef Pilsudski. Pilsudski was a Polish political and military leader. Born to a Polish family when the territory of historic Poland was divided and ruled by Germany...Austria-Hungary...and Russia.
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