The National Weather Service has declared that the week of May 22nd - May 28th, 2011 is Hurricane Awareness Week
One Public Information Statement related to Hurricane Awareness will be issued each day. Please peruse the links below as they become available to learn more about Hurricanes and how to prepare yourself for them.

Sunday 5/22
What is a Hurricane
Monday 5/23
Storm Surge and Marine Safety
Tuesday 5/24
High Winds and Tornadoes
Wednesday 5/25
Inland Flooding
Thursday 5/26
Hurricane Forecasting
Friday 5/27
Disaster Prevention
Saturday 5/28
Family Preparedness

Other Important Links
National Weather Service Wilmington, NC
National Hurricane Center Preparedness Videos
Have a Family Plan
Prepare a Disaster Kit
Keep you and your family safe during the 2011 Hurricane Season!