The National Weather Service Office in Wilmington is looking for volunteers to join our CoCoRaHS network!
We need volunteers across the Southeast Region of North Carolina and the Northeast Region of South Carolina, including the counties of Robeson, Bladen, Columbus, Pender, New Hanover, and Brunswick in North Carolina, and Marlboro, Darlington, Dillon, Marion, Florence, Williamsburg, Georgetown, and Horry in South Carolina. We will be making a significant push for volunteers in the spring with widespread training sessions, but there is no reason to wait! If you are interested in becoming a CoCoRaHS observer in the Southeast North Carolina or Northeast South Carolina region, please contact us today!

David Glenn
North Carolina State Coordinator
252-223-5737 or
Hope Mizzel
South Carolina State Coordinator
Ryan Boyles
North Carolina Assistant State Coordinator
Josh Weiss
Southeast NC/Northeast SC Regional Coordinator
910-762-4289 or
What is CoCoRaHS?
CoCoRaHS stands for The Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network. It is a community of people with an enthusiasm and interest for weather, who volunteer to measure and report rain, hail, and snow to the National Weather Service and other organizations. The National CoCoRaHS webpage has a great Q/A section outlining the purpose and goals of CoCoRaHS. You can find that here.
Why Join CoCoRaHS?
The Weather Service is always looking for "ground truth" to enhance their forecasts and warnings. Remember Hurricane Irene? Our CoCoRaHS spotters provided us with crucial updated rainfall totals to help keep the public informed and safe! The more spotters we have, the better we can obtain this ground truth, and the better we can provide information to you, the public!
How do I become an Observer?
There are several ways to join the CoCoRaHS Network. Once you have decided that you would like to become a CoCoRaHS volunteer, read this page on how to become a volunteer. Then if you are sure you want to become part of the CoCoRaHS network, fill out this form, take online training or attend an in-person training session, and wait for your welcome information and confirmation!
What do I need to become an Observer?
There are very few requirements to becoming a member of the CoCoRaHS community. You will need:

1) An interest in weather and a desire to report your rain, hail, and snowfall information
2) A 4" rain gauge avaliable here
3) A nice open location where you can place your rain gauge (see the CoCoRaHS training for examples)
4) Internet access into which you can report your daily information

And that is it! It is easy, fun, and a great way to get involved with the program and help your community!

How can I attend a training session?
Although you are more than welcome, and ENCOURAGED, to take online training provided here and here, we also will be offering in-person training sessions throughout the year. These trainings will be listed below, and will be updated as new sessions become available. Unless otherwise specified, these trainings will be combined with a Basic SkyWarn Training Class for those volunteers also interested in joining our SkyWarn Spotter network. SkyWarn Spotters are the "eyes and ears" of the National Weather Service during severe weather...and these courses teach observers what to report, and how to report, severe weather in their area. Please read more about the SkyWarn program here. Each combined session will take approximately 2 hours.

Please consider joining the ever growing network of CoCoRaHS Observers across the area!