Tornado Damage Pictures

Georgetown, SC, October 11, 2001

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debris from several mobile homes is scattered across this Georgetown neighborhood

several wooden structures were completely destroyed

this mobile home was rolled over by the tornado. Notice the steps which led to the front door

close-up of the destroyed mobile home

a car was also flipped over by the tornado. this was the basis for rating the tornado an F2

this grocery store had its front glass blown in by the force of the winds

this house had broken windows, a damaged roof, and trees damaged by the tornado

a business suffered damage from a falling tree

mobile home shifted by the winds. debris from other mobile homes surrounds it

trees damaged in a Georgetown graveyard © Brad Freeman

nearly complete damage to the roof of this building. © Brad Freeman

large magnolia tree uprooted © Brad Freeman

outside view of heavily damaged building © Brad Freeman

this grocery store had plate glass windows blown in by the tornado © Brad Freeman

tree split nearly down the middle © Brad Freeman