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  •  (Originally Posted: 12/25/2006) A little about El Nino for our area.

  •  (Originally Posted: 12/15/2006) Point and click detailed forecast...now available En Espanol.

  •  (Originally Posted: 12/10/2006) Prepare your family for disaster to the tune of a holiday favorite!

  •  (Originally Posted: 12/1/2006) Winter Weather Safety Week for the Carolina's is December 3-9. Are you prepared?

  •  (Originally Posted: 11/17/2006) See the latest on the November 16 tornadoes here...

  •  (Originally Posted: 11/10/2006) Take a peek into our office by visiting the virtual tour...

  •  (Originally Posted: 10/31/2006) The National Weather Service seeks comments from the public regarding maps that display current watch, warning, and other products in effect.

  •  (Originally Posted: 10/26/2006) Daily sunrise and sunset data can be obtained from our daily climate reports:
    Wilmington | Myrtle Beach | Florence | Lumberton.
    Complete sun and moon data is provided by the U.S. Naval Observatory.

  •  (Originally Posted: 10/26/2006) NWS Wilmington, NC provides a Graphical Forecast for each county in southeastern North Carolina and northeasternSouth Carolina. Just follow the link and select your county from the map.

  •  (Originally Posted: 10/15/2006) Enhanced Short Term Operations at NWS Wilmington, NC In an effort to improve detection and prediction of high impact events within the short term (generally the next 12 hours), the NWS in Wilmington, NC will be experimenting with a new concept called "Enhanced Short Term Operations".

  •  (Originally Posted: 10/11/2006) NOAA's Releases Winter Outlook Weak El Niņo conditions have developed and are expected to persist through the winter, possibly strengthening during the next few months to an event of moderate strength. This should result in near-average temperatures and wetter than average conditions for much of the Coastal Carolinas this winter.

  •  (Originally Posted: 09/22/2006) The National Earthquake Information Center in Golden, CO indicated that an earthquake of magnitude 3.5 on the Richter Scale occurred at 7:22 am on 9/22/06 in Marlboro County. Reports from the county indicate several people were awakened by a loud boom and there were numerous reports of pictures disturbed on the walls. There were no reports of damage or injuries.

  •  (Originally Posted: 09/1/2006) Tropical Storm Ernesto Post-Tropical Cyclone Report The post-tropical cyclone report is a summary of the impacts of Tropical Storm Ernesto on Southeast NC and Northeast SC, including wind, rain, and pressure information in addition to radar images.

  •  (Originally Posted: 08/12/2006) NOAA Continues to Predict Above-Normal Hurricane Season NOAA scientists warn this year's relatively quiet start is not an indication of what the remainder of the season has in store.

  •  (Originally Posted: 07/2006) The summer of 2006 is far from over and already over 150 people in the United States have died as a result of heat.

  •  (Originally Posted: 06/29/2006) View the Surf Zone Forecast Before Heading to the Beach The Surf Zone Forecast provides valuable information to area beachgoers. Find out the risk of potentially deadly hazards such as rip currents, lightning and waterspouts, or find out what the UV index will be. Weather, surf and tide information are also available.
    View the current Surf Zone Forecast...

  •  (Originally Posted: 06/14/2006) Lightning Safety Awareness Week: June 18-24, 2006 Summer is the peak season for one of the nation's deadliest weather phenomena-lightning. The Lightning Safety campaign is designed to lower lightning death and injury rates and America's vulnerability to one of nature's deadliest hazards.

  •  (Originally Posted: 06/02/2006)  a small radar image from April 2006 (Originally Posted: 06/02/2006) NOAA Educates Beachgoers on How to Break the Grip of the Rip Alerting beachgoers to the threat of rip currents and how to escape their strong and potentially fatal grip is the focus of NOAA's national Rip Current Awareness Week, June 4-10, 2006.
    Details... (in pdf format)

    (Originally Posted: 05/20/2006) 2006 Safe Boating week May 20-26 During Safe Boating Week the NWS in cooperation with the USCG Auxiliary and the US Power Squadron will issue public information statements about various safe boating topics. Please take this opportunity to learn more about safe boating. Details...

  •  (Originally Posted: 05/20/2006)  a small image of hurricane prepare (Originally Posted: 05/20/2006) Hurricane Awareness Week is May 21-27, 2006 Learn about the hazards of hurricanes and what you can do to help protect yourself, your family, and your property. Details...

  •  (Originally Posted: 05/04/2006) Area Where Hurricanes Develop is Warmer, Say NOAA Scientists The region of the tropical Atlantic where many hurricanes originate has warmed by several tenths of a degree Celsius over the 20th century, and new climate models simulations suggest that human activity, such as increasing greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, may contribute significantly to this warming.

  •  (Originally Posted: 04/19/2006)  a small radar image from April 2006 April 17, 2006 Severe Weather Outbreak - Tornado Confirmed in Whiteville, NC On Monday April 17, 2006, a powerful line of thunderstorms moved across much of Southeast NC and Northeast SC. These thunderstorms were responsible for producing an F1 tornado in Whiteville, NC and wind damage across other parts of the area.

  •  (Originally Posted: 04/14/2006)  a small image of the drought monitor2006 Portions of Southeast NC and Northeast SC in Moderate Drought Other parts of the area are classified as abnormally dry or near normal. Conditions that may be associated with moderate drought include some crop damage, increased fire risk, falling river, stream and reservoir levels, and some water shortages. Details... Details...

  •  (Originally Posted: 04/06/2006) Severe Weather Outbreak - April 3, 2006 The largest severe weather outbreak in years across Southeast NC and Northeast SC occurred on April 3, 2006, with over 40 reports of large hail and damaging winds. A preliminary summary of the outbreak is available.
    Details... Details...

  •  (Originally Posted: 04/01/2006) Surf Zone Forecasts for Southeast NC and Northeast SC Beaches Resume The Surf Zone Forecast, issued twice daily for the beaches of Southeast North Carolina and Northeast South Carolina, has resumed for the 2006 season. The Surf Zone Forecast includes the rip current, waterspout and lightning risk, as well as weather, surf, tide and UV index information for area beaches.

  •  (Originally Posted: 03/18/2006) NOAA Announces U.S. Spring Outlook The U.S. Spring Outlook issued by NOAA is calling for drier and warmer than normal conditions across Southeast North Carolina and Northeast South Carolina this spring.

  •  Originally Posted: 03/10/2006) Severe Weather Awareness Week in North Carolina is March 12-18, 2006 This is the time of year to prepare for the threat of the upcoming severe weather season. The following are safety tips which will be issued each day during the week...
    Sunday | Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Friday | Saturday

  •  (Originally Posted: 02/02/2006) NOAA Says La Niņa Here As Predicted The NOAA Climate Prediction Center Announced the official return of La Niņa. Details...

  •  (Originally Posted: 02/02/2006) NOAA National Weather Service Improves Tornado Rating System The NWS announced plans to implement the Enhanced Fujita (EF) Scale to rate tornadoes to replace the original Fujita (F) Scale. Details...

  •  (Originally Posted: 01/04/2006) 2005 Annual Review of Significant U.S. and Global Events The National Climatic Data Center has produced an annual review of significant U.S. and global weather and climate events for 2005. Details...

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