Bob formed as a depression in the southwest Gulf of Mexico on July 9th and began moving northeast in advance of a low pressure trough aproaching from the west. An Air Force reconnaissance plane reported a developing tropical storm centered about 400 miles south of the Louisiana coast on the morning of July 10th with winds of 60 mph and lowest pressure of 998 mb. Bob was upgraded to a hurricane early in the evening on the 10th as an afternoon reconnaissance flight reported hurricane force winds and a pressure of 988 mb. Bob turned more to the north and accelerated to a forward speed of 17 mph as it crossed the Louisiann coast near Grand Isle, Louisianna, about day break on July 11th. The maximum sustained wind of 75 mph and minimum central pressure of 986 mb occurred near landfall. The remnants of Bob gave 3-5 inches of rain in southern Indiana, causing significant flooding. Bob turned southeast and moved across northeast North Carolina on the 15th as a tropical depression before moving back out to sea.

David developed as a depression about 1500 miles east of the Lesser Antilles on August 25th. David moved steadily east and intensified into a severe hurricane with winds of 175 mph. A turn to the north-northwest brought the center of the storm inland just west of the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on August 31 causing the full effects of the hurricane to lash the city. The hurricane weakened briefly to tropical storm strength while crossing Hispaniola before emerging out over water again near the northwest tip of Haiti. From the there the storm continued on a northwest track while strengthening again to a hurricane. The storm threatened southern Florida before turning to the north and making landfall near Palm Beach on September 3rd. After moving back over water north of Cape Canaveral, David moved inland again near Savannah, Geogia on the 4th with little change in intensity from its earlier landfall. David weakened again to a tropical storm as it moved across the central Carolinas. The highest sustained wind in the Carolinas from David was 44 mph and the peak gust was 60 mph both occurring at Wrightsville Beach, NC. The greatest rainfall total was 10.73 inches at Cape Hatteras.





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