Funnel clouds can become tornadoes in a matter of seconds.  If you spot a funnel cloud, first and foremost take shelter!  As important as your report is, it is critical to protect yourself fist.  Once it is safe to do so, relay your report to the NWS as soon as possible.  Many times cloud features look like funnel clouds, so be descriptive (but not too wordy) when you report a funnel cloud.  Does the funnel cloud have a laminar appearance or is it ragged looking?  Do you observe fast rotation?  If you're not confident you see a funnel cloud, that's ok!  We want to hear from you anyway.  Just be sure to convey you aren't confident it's a funnel cloud, and describe what you see.  If you are confident, be sure to say so.  Be sure to call back ASAP if the funnel cloud touches the ground or produces damage.