as possible.

Whenever relaying a report, please give your full ID number.  The only exception to this would be for people who are a part of the Amateur Radio Organization.  The HAMs should give their actual Radio ID when relaying information over the radio rather than their Wilmington Spotter ID.  The purpose for giving the ID is because it helps us to pinpoint the  location of the damage or the actual storm. However because of time restraints during severe weather, please give your location as well.

Another question which many spotters have is what do you need to report? On your ID card, you will find a listing of severe weather, both the winter and summer variety that we would like you to report.  Also, a ruler has been sketched on the bottom side of the ID card for estimating the hail size.  Please try to be as accurate as possible when relaying a report in reference to the size of the hail, the width of the tree limbs or trunk, the type of damage, as well as the time of occurrence.

One key note about spotting, your safety is extremely important; thus, we do not recommend that you chase storms.  Please do your spotting from the safety of a sturdy structure. If threatening weather is imminent, go to a safe place immediately.

Lastly, remember that the toll free number is only to be used to report severe weather. So, if you have any questions or are just interested in obtaining information or a general forecast, please use the public line at (937) 383-0031.

            Diane Innes

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