Severe Weather - July 11, 2009

EF1 Tornado Near Summithill, Ohio (southern Ross County):

...EF1 tornado confirmed in southern Ross County Ohio...

Location...Summithill, Ohio
Date...July 11th 2009
Estimated time...3:55 PM EDT
Maximum EF-scale rating...EF1
Estimated maximum wind speed...107 mph
Maximum path quarter mile
Path length...3.06 miles
Beginning lat/lon...39.2163 N / 83.1117 W
Ending lat/lon...39.1973 N / 83.0599 W

The information in this statement is preliminary and subject to change pending final review of the event and publication in NWS storm data.

A team from the National Weather Service office in Wilmington conducted a survey of damage and has confirmed an EF-1 tornado in southern Ross County. Damage was consistent with a rating on the high end of the EF1 category. The tornado initially touched down near a grocery store near State Route 772 and Valley Road in Summithill, where several trees were knocked down and uprooted. There were several intermittent touch downs between Summithill and Denver. To the southeast of Summithill, along Schaffer Road, approximately 6 homes and 2 mobile homes were damaged and numerous trees were snapped and uprooted. An eye-witness on Schaffer Road reported a rope tornado which had several brief touch downs. Further southeast in the Denver area, a home received substantial damage with a loss of the roof and some walls down. Portions of the roof were thrown 700 yards and wrapped around trees. There was also widespread crop damage in the area. Two barns off of Denver Road were completely destroyed, and uprooted trees were observed intermittently along this path. The damage path was intermittent and the length was estimated to be 3.06 miles. The maximum path width was estimated to be one quarter of a mile.

Red polygon indicates approximate tornado damage path