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Storm Total Snow
Storm Total Snowfall - (forecast)

Above is only a sample graphic. Click on it to view the most current image (if one is available). Snowfall amounts are only forecasted within the first 36 hours.

If snow images are available, the page you are directed to will have the 6 hour totals graphics and the Precip-Onset graphic,
which is a link at the top of the page under the header.
Snowfall reports

Latest Snow Reports

Search for previous totals by clicking on Previous Reports.

Winter Precipitation Probability Graphics

Click Here for the main page with all probability graphics

Day 1 Winter Probability Forecasts
Day 1 Composite Winter Probabilities
Day 2 Winter Probability Forecasts
Day 2 Composite Winter Probabilities
Day 3 Winter Probability Forecasts
Day 3 Composite Winter Probabilities

48 Hour Precipitation Total - Days 4-5

Click on Map Below for Local Forecast

Watch/Warning/Advisory Color Definitions

Click on the map below for the latest forecast.
Last map update: Tue, Apr. 21, 2015 at 5:51:18 am EDT
Read watches, warnings & advisories
National Weather Service Pittsburgh, PA National Weather Service State College, PA
National Weather Service Charleston, WV

National Weather Service Philadelphia, PA
National Weather Service Blacksburg, VA National Weather Service Wakefield, VA
Coastal Flood Advisory
Small Craft Advisory
Coastal Flood Statement
Hazardous Weather Outlook
Short Term Forecast

RADAR Products

Adjacent Radars:
Go to the adjacent radar site to the northwest, Pittsburgh, PA Radar Go to the adjacent radar site to the north, State College, PA Radar Go to the adjacent radar site to the northeast, Mt. Holly, NJ Radar
Go to the adjacent radar site to the west, Blacksburg, VA Radar LWX Go to the adjacent radar site to the east, Dover Air Force Base, DE Radar
Go to the adjacent radar site to the southwest, Raleigh/Durham, NC Radar Go to the adjacent radar site to the south, Wakefield, VA Radar


    FOR A DETAILED 7-DAY POINT FORECAST: Click on a specific location on the map above.
7-Day point forecast


FOR A GRAPH OF WEATHER CONDITIONS FOR A POINT LOCATION: Click on "Hourly Weather Graph" under the "Additional Forecasts & Information" section at the bottom left of the screen, AFTER you have already clicked on a specific point on the map above.

Weather forecast table


Graphical Forecast Images

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