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 Submitting your weather pictures.

We are only too happy to share your interesting weather pictures with all visitors to the Sterling web pages.  Before you send us your pictures, please follow these guidelines.

1.  Keep the size down to a reasonable level, i.e., no larger than 250k.  Remember, a lot of users are limited to a 56K dial-up connection so a huge picture will take forever to load and nobody will wait more than a minute or so to see it.

2.  Send all pictures as attachments.  DO NOT put them in the body of the message!!  Our e-mail program is slow and if your pictures are too big, they take forever to download.  Keep the entire message under one megabyte including pictures.  Anything bigger than that and I will not use your photos.

3.  Please put your name, date and location where the picture was taken on each e-mail you send.  I'm prone to getting "senior moments" now and again so this is for my benefit as well as yours.  If you did not take the picture, I can't use it as it may be copyrighted.

4.  By sending us your picture, you give me your permission to modify, brightness, contrast, dimensions, etc. as deemed appropriate/necessary so that it looks good on the web.  Any "tweaks" will only be done to enhance the picture.

5.  You understand that the picture will only be displayed on the Sterling web site but, once on the web, anyone can "right click" and save your image on their computer.  If any pictures are copyrighted, do NOT send them to us.

6. And lastly, never ever put yourself in harms way to get "the shot". 

If you agree with these guidelines, then send those pictures!

E-Mail the webmaster your pictures.

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