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How to find the weather data you want.

A great deal of time is spent by us to create the products mentioned below in our effort to meet the needs of you, the customer.  So please, take a minute to read this information.

1. How much rain/snow fell on a certain day/week?  What was the temperature on this day?  How strong were the winds on this day?  How many Heating/Cooling degree days did we have?  The answers are here!

This office is overwhelmed with e-mail requests for weather data for previous days, months, etc.  In an effort to reduce the number of e-mails, please review the information on this page to help you find what you are looking for.

The "Past Weather Data" link on the main page has data for 7 locations that we keep statistics on.  They are Washington National Airport, Dulles, Baltimore-Washington (BWI), Maryland Science Center (Inner Harbor), Charlottesville, Hagerstown and Martinsburg.  Clicking on any of the "X" links will bring up the data for EACH DAY of that month.  
These pages contain the High, Low temperature, Heating and Cooling degree days, precipitation, snowfall, strongest wind speeds and direction and more.  Immediately above the tables with all the links is a link to a page that explains in detail what each column of these forms means.  
If the information you are looking for is not here, then we don't have it so please don't ask.  In a case like that, you should contact the National Climatic Data Center.  They archive all weather data around the world, if they don't have it, it doesn't exist. A link and phone number for NCDC is on the climate page.  If this doesn't meet what you need, then keep reading.

2.  I need to know when that hail storm was for my insurance.  My shingles/siding blew off the house during that severe thunderstorm a few weeks ago, when was it?  My basement flooded that day it rained so hard, when was that?  

Our other form of old weather data is what we call Storm Reports.  These are narrative summaries of significant weather events that we have data on for the locations in our County Warning Area.  Each of these reports begins with the first of the month and ends on the last day of that month.  Any significant events are listed in the reports but you'll need to read them to find out when a specific event may have affected you.
This is an example of what is at the top of each page that gives location, date, time of that particular event.
Some examples of these reports are Thunderstorms, Hail storms, Tornadoes, floods, snowstorms, etc. 

3.  If you're trying to figure out some of the other products listed on our pages, besides Climate data, then you might be interested in our introduction to the web site.  If all else fails, then try our Help page .

4.  What I want is not covered on any of the pages already mentioned!  If that is the case, then by all means, send us an e-mail and we'll do our best to get you the information you desire.  

5.  Due to limited staffing, time constraints and higher priority tasks, we will no longer answer e-mail requests for routine climate data that can be found through any of the links shown above.  Other requests for data or information, not mentioned above, should be sent to the webmaster.



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