Delaware River at Fishs Eddy, Delaware County NY (FSHN6)
Gage Location: Delaware County, New YorkSite Location: Delaware County, New York
Latitude: 41.973Longitude: -75.174Elevation: 955.96 ft. MSLDrainage Area: 784 Sq. Mi.
Minor Stage: 13 ft. Moderate Stage: 16 ft.Major Stage: 18 ft.
First Flood: 1903-10-09Last Flood: 2012-09-19 Crest: 13.5 ft.Datum change: 1967-11-02Number of Floods: 64

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Date of FloodCrest(ft)Streamflow(cfs)CategoryCode
1903-10-0923.670000MajorC1 F1 G1
1913-03-2717.432500ModerateC1 G1
1914-03-2815.830000MinorC1 G1
1917-10-3015.427400MinorC1 G1
1920-03-13-999930400MissingC1 G1
1921-11-2913.4622000MinorC1 G1
1924-09-301945000MajorC1 G1
1926-11-171426700MinorC1 G1
1927-12-0814.425200MinorC1 G1
1929-03-1414.124200MinorC1 G1
1932-10-0617.7839000ModerateC1 G1
1933-08-2420.653300MajorC1 G1
1934-12-0114.4725500MinorC1 G1
1936-03-1116.6834200ModerateC1 G1
1936-03-1819.2146000MajorC1 G1
1937-02-2213.5422200MinorC1 G1
1937-10-2315.0527700MinorC1 G1
1938-08-1117.1436000ModerateC1 G1
1938-09-2218.2141000MajorC1 G1
1938-12-0613.3921700MinorC1 G1
1940-03-3116.9935500ModerateC1 G1
1942-05-2317.1834900ModerateC1 G1
1942-09-2817.0234100ModerateC1 G1
1942-12-3016.2232400ModerateC1 G1
1943-11-0914.0523200MinorC1 G1
1945-03-1813.6621600MinorC1 G1
1946-03-0913.4318400MinorC1 G1
1947-04-0613.8521100MinorC1 G1
1948-03-2218.6443200MajorC1 G1
1948-12-3017.4537200ModerateC1 G1
1950-04-0513.7721100MinorC1 G1
1950-11-2617.1535800ModerateC1 G1
1950-12-0415.1226600MinorC1 G1
1951-03-3118.643000MajorC1 G1
1952-04-0613.4820000MinorC1 G1
1952-12-1117.6938400ModerateC1 G1
1955-08-1915.2927400MinorC1 F2 G1
1957-12-2117.3236600ModerateC1 F2 G1
1960-04-0514.4423800MinorC1 F2 G1
1961-04-2513.8321300MinorC1 F2 G1
1962-04-0113.5520200MinorC1 F2G1
1964-03-1013.419700MinorC1 F2 G1
1976-01-2714.38-9999MinorC7 F2
1979-03-0614.0115600MinorC7 F2
1996-01-1916.8853000ModerateC3 F2
2003-09-0415.720100MinorF2 G1
2004-09-1821.456300MajorC3 F2 G1
2005-04-0322.4965100MajorC7 F2

Codes and description

C1|Crest information looks unreliable and incomplete and not used in frequency calculations. Some of the floods are based on current flood stage and nearby gage information.
C2|Crest information looks reliable despite potential problems. This data was used in frequency calculations.
C3|Crest height estimated by the USGS.
C4|Crest height is from the National Weather Service.
C5|Crest height affected by backwater.
C6|Crest occurred at a previous flood stage that is lower than the current flood stage. The crests below the new flood stage are not used in flood frequency calculations.
C7|Crest from USGS yearly peak and/or date is different than the crest we provide. In many cases MARFC uses crest based on backwater or ice effects.
C8|Crest month or day of occurrence has been estimated by The Middle Atlantic River Forecast Center usually based on nearby gage information.
C9|Crest date (day) in the month is unknown.
F1|Flow is an estimate.
F2|Flow affected by regulation or diversion and in some cases to an unknown degree.
F3|Flow effected by snow-melt, ice jam or debris jam break up.
F4|Flow affected by dam failure.
F5|Flow - All or part of the record affected by urbanization, mining, agricultural changes, channelization or other factors.
G1|Gage height at a different site and/or datum.
G2|Gage is not an official USGS gage with crests provided by the NWS. Crest information looks unreliable and incomplete and not used in flood frequency calculations.
G3|Gage datum changed during this year.
none,No code; Good Data

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