South Fork South Branch Potomac River near Moorefield, Hardy County WV (MOFW2)
Gage Location: Hardy County, West VirginiaSite Location: Hardy County, West Virginia
Latitude: 39.012Longitude: -78.956Elevation: 861.51 ft. MSLDrainage Area: 277 Sq. Mi.
Minor Stage: 10 ft. Moderate Stage: 12 ft.Major Stage: 14 ft.
First Flood: 1924-05-13Last Flood: 2005-01-15 Crest: 10.57 ft.Datum change: 1940-03-11Number of Floods: 17

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Date of FloodCrest(ft)Streamflow(cfs)CategoryCode
1924-05-1313.528000ModerateC1 C3 C4 C8 G1
1933-08-2410.214000MinorC1 G1
1936-03-1714.930400MajorC1 G1
2004-09-2817.097570MajorC7 F2

Codes and description

C1|Crest information during this period may be incomplete and therefore was not used in frequency calculations. Some of the floods are based on current flood stage and nearby gage information.
C2|Crest information during this period looks reliable despite potential problems. This data was used in frequency calculations.
C3|Crest height estimated by the USGS.
C4|Crest height is from the National Weather Service.
C5|Crest height affected by backwater.
C6|Crest occurred at a previous flood stage that is lower than the current flood stage. The crests below the new flood stage are not used in flood frequency calculations.
C7|Crest from USGS yearly peak and/or date is different than the crest we provide. In many cases MARFC uses crest based on backwater or ice effects.
C8|Crest month or day of occurrence has been estimated by The Middle Atlantic River Forecast Center usually based on nearby gage information.
C9|Crest date (day) in the month is unknown.
F1|Flow is an estimate.
F2|Flow affected by regulation or diversion and in some cases to an unknown degree.
F3|Flow effected by snow-melt, ice jam or debris jam break up.
F4|Flow affected by dam failure.
F5|Flow - All or part of the record affected by urbanization, mining, agricultural changes, channelization or other factors.
G1|Gage height at a different site and/or datum.
G2|Gage is not an official USGS gage with crests provided by the NWS. Crest information looks unreliable and incomplete and not used in flood frequency calculations.
G3|Gage datum changed during this year.
none,No code; Good Data

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