Ramapo River at Pompton Lakes, Passaic County NJ (PPTN4)
Gage Location: Passaic County, New JerseySite Location: Passaic County, New Jersey
Latitude: 40.993Longitude: -74.279Elevation: 171.35 ft. MSLDrainage Area: 160 Sq. Mi.
Minor Stage: 11.5 ft. Moderate Stage: 13.5 ft.Major Stage: 14.5 ft.
First Flood: 1882-09-23Last Flood: 2011-09-08 Crest: 14.33 ft.Datum change: 2008-05-01Number of Floods: 97

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Date of FloodCrest(ft)Streamflow(cfs)CategoryCode
1882-09-23-999910500MissingC1 C9 G1
1896-02-06-99998730MissingC1 C9 G1
1902-03-02-99997050MissingC1 G1
1922-03-0712.375900MinorC1 C7 G1
1924-04-0712.586800MinorC1 C7 G1
1927-09-0212.687220MinorC1 C7 G1
1933-08-2412.335680MinorC1 C7 G1
1936-03-1213.5612300MissingC1 C7 G1
1938-09-2213.136620MissingC1 C7 G1
1945-07-2012.143890MinorC1 G1
1945-07-2313.458560MissingC1 C7 G1
1948-12-3112.655520MinorC1 C7 G1
1951-03-3113.558520MissingC1 C7 G1
1952-03-1212.54680MinorC1 G1
1952-04-06123190MinorC1 G1
1952-06-0212.534780MinorC1 C7 G1
1953-01-25123190MinorC1 C7 G1
1955-08-1412.414480MinorC1 G1
1955-08-1913.588570MissingC1 C7 G1
1955-10-1614.412000MissingC1 C7 G1
1957-12-2112.54750MinorC1 C7 G1
1958-02-2812.093550MinorC1 G1
1960-08-2012.093550MinorC1 C7 G1
1961-02-2612.233950MinorC1 C7 G1
1968-05-2913.829530MissingC1 C7 G1
1970-02-1112.053440MinorC1 G1
1970-04-0312.434540MinorC1 C7 G1
1971-08-2812.996420MinorC1 C7 G1
1971-09-1212.444570MinorC1 G1
1973-02-0312.755580MinorC1 C7 G1
1973-12-2113.177040MissingC1 C7 G1
1975-09-2712.033380MinorC1 C7 G1
1977-03-2312.635290MinorC1 C7 G1
1977-11-0814.0410300MissingC1 C7 G1
1978-03-2712.183810MinorC1 G1
1978-05-1512.23870MinorC1 G1
1979-01-2512.655130MinorC1 C7 G1
1979-03-0712.043380MinorC1 G1
1979-05-2512.163710MinorC1 G1
1980-03-2213.136700MissingC1 C7 G1
1980-04-1012.966120MinorC1 G1
1981-02-2112.133630MinorC1 C7 G1
1982-01-0511.732590MinorC1 G1 G3
1983-03-1912.665160MinorC1 G1
1983-04-1712.123600MinorC1 G1
1983-04-2511.82760MinorC1 G1
1983-12-1413.156770MissingC1 G1
1984-04-0515.2115400MissingC1 G1
1984-05-3013.056420MissingC1 G1
1984-07-0712.13540MinorC1 G1
1986-08-0311.82760MinorC1 G1
1987-04-0111.712540MinorC1 G1
1987-04-0513.076490MissingC1 G1
1989-05-0612.073460MinorC1 G1
1989-05-1712.775510MissingC1 G1
1989-10-2112.294070MinorC1 G1
1990-12-0511.722560MinorC1 G1
1993-03-2911.822810MinorC1 G1
1993-04-0211.712540MinorC1 G1
1995-11-1212.243930MinorC1 G1
1996-01-2012.745410MissingC1 G1
1996-01-2812.524740MinorC1 G1
1996-07-1412.13540MinorC1 G1
1996-10-2012.143650MinorC1 G1
1998-05-11123280MinorC1 G1
1999-03-2312.183760MinorC1 G1
1999-09-1614.914000MissingC1 G1
2003-10-3011.712539MissingC1 G1
2003-12-1212.314120MissingC1 G1
2003-12-2512.043385MissingC1 G1
2004-07-2312.23816MissingC1 G1
2004-08-1711.742615MissingC1 G1
2004-09-0912.322210MissingC1 G1
2004-09-1813.566390MissingC1 G1
2004-09-2912.783600MissingC1 G1
2005-01-1510.012650MissingC1 G1
2005-03-2910.583390MissingC1 G1
2005-04-0314.226360MajorC1 G1 G3
2005-10-0914.47130MajorC1 G1
2005-10-1313.665860MajorC1 G1
2005-12-019.61990MinorC1 G1
2005-12-169.311670MinorC1 G1
2006-01-049.011320MinorC1 G1
2006-01-159.131450MinorC1 G1
2006-01-199.882320MinorC1 G1
2006-05-129.131450MinorC1 G1
2006-06-089.091410MinorC1 G1
2006-06-289.161490MinorC1 G1
2006-11-0910.282760MinorC1 G1
2007-04-1616.999930MajorC1 F2 G1
2007-12-2413.025670MajorC1 F2 G1
2010-03-1418.0511000MajorC1 F2 G1
2011-08-2822.6117800MajorC1 F2 G1

Codes and description

C1|Crest information during this period may be incomplete and therefore was not used in frequency calculations. Some of the floods are based on current flood stage and nearby gage information.
C2|Crest information during this period looks reliable despite potential problems. This data was used in frequency calculations.
C3|Crest height estimated by the USGS.
C4|Crest height is from the National Weather Service.
C5|Crest height affected by backwater.
C6|Crest occurred at a previous flood stage that is lower than the current flood stage. The crests below the new flood stage are not used in flood frequency calculations.
C7|Crest from USGS yearly peak and/or date is different than the crest we provide. In many cases MARFC uses crest based on backwater or ice effects.
C8|Crest month or day of occurrence has been estimated by The Middle Atlantic River Forecast Center usually based on nearby gage information.
C9|Crest date (day) in the month is unknown.
F1|Flow is an estimate.
F2|Flow affected by regulation or diversion and in some cases to an unknown degree.
F3|Flow effected by snow-melt, ice jam or debris jam break up.
F4|Flow affected by dam failure.
F5|Flow - All or part of the record affected by urbanization, mining, agricultural changes, channelization or other factors.
G1|Gage height at a different site and/or datum.
G2|Gage is not an official USGS gage with crests provided by the NWS. Crest information looks unreliable and incomplete and not used in flood frequency calculations.
G3|Gage datum changed during this year.
none,No code; Good Data

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