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What's New

July 2012

We have changed the "Data by Basin" section in the main menu. The new design will make it easier to navigate. We have eliminated thousands of links by combining (in some cases) the two associated tables and two associated graphs to one page. In many sections the crest data is now automated which will update immediately after the flood has ended. We have also added a site map and stage information.

The weather and precipitation map sections has been unlinked. We are coming up with a new design to make it easier to navigate.

The flood summary section has been updated. We also combined the year and decade summaries.

The "Floods Events" in the "Event Summaries" section under the Summary Data menu has been modified to eliminate a few extra steps.

The individual USGS monthly and daily streamflow information tables and graphs have been combined instead of going to four seperate links.

Low stage information is being worked on and should be updated in a few weeks.

We will update flood rankings in the flood event section this summer.

We still need to iron out some flood stage changes over the years. This probably will take awhile since datum change info is limited.

January 2012

Flood data is current.

All of the 2011 floods have been added. 2011 saw 18 different flood events with 420 of our forecast points flooding. saw many records

New additions:

Fairview, MD, Franklin, WV, Leeeburg, VA, Sharpsburg, MD, Dawsonville, MD and Godeffroy, NY.

Record floods for individual forecast points.

Categorical month-seasonal graphs.

I will be testing each link to make sure the paths working and/or are going to the correct tables and graphs.

November 2011

Ranking information is now available in embedded sortable tables instead of PDF files.

Calculation information has been rewritten and updated to reflect our current analysis.

October 2011

Our new website design has been unveiled!

Probability of exceeding moderate and major stage has been added to the "Flood Frequency" section.

A list of every Flood (All Floods) has been added to each basin in the "Flood Information by Basin." This information has also been broken into events.

Categorical floods by month and season are now available under the 'Categorized floods' link in the drop down menu.

Definition links and miscellaneous information have been added to most of the tables. There will be more updates as we try to make the information clearer.

New ranking system for points, events, month, year and cateorical floods. It has been put in the "Summary Data" section above.

September 2011

Seasonal floods have been added to monthly flood tables.

July 2011

Flood information is now available in an Access database. Please email us if interested in receiving a CD copy.

Flood climatology information is being gathered for 5 new forecast points: Fairview, MD - Franklin, WV - Godeffroy, NY - Leesburg, VA - Sharpsburg, MD

Floods by counties, states and NWS Weather Forecast Offices has been corrected and updated in the "Entire MARFC Service Area."

October 2010

Categorized Floods by month and season tables have been completed and are available in the "Categorized Floods by month and season" section.

A few National Weather Service State College, PA case studies in 1948, 1950, 1955, 1977 and 1993. We put them in the "All MARFC Floods Events/Maps 1692 - 2010" map section.

The date of the Corning, NY flood on 7/1/1889 has been corrected to 6/1/1889.

A big thanks to the person who caught the error in the "probability of exceeding flood stage" table. Several calculations errors have been corrected.

Data provided by the U.S. Geological Survey

Additional support for this project was provided by the Susquehanna River Basin Commission, National Weather Service and Penn State University (PSU) Department of Meteorology. Special thanks to Michael Kozar (PSU student) for writing numerous weather summaries in the Floods by Events section.

Questions should be directed to Charles Chillag or Alaina MacFarlane.

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