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Frost / Freeze Hazards

  • Temperatures are expected to fall into the mid 30s with calm winds. There is a chance of a light frost.
  • A few isolated locations may experience a frost with temperatures falling to near freezing, but most areas will remain frost free.
  • Temperatures are expected to fall into the lower 30s with calm winds. Frost is likely.
  • Temperatures are expected to fall well below freezing resulting in a hard freeze or a killing frost.
  • The growing season is over for indicated counties.
  • A widespread killing frost has occurred and frost advisories and freeze warnings will no longer be issued for these counties this winter.
  • The frost/freeze program will recommence at the beginning of the growing season in March.

General Information

Frost advisories and freeze warnings are issued at the beginning and ending of the local growing season. A frost event is the formation of thin ice crystals on the ground. The actual air temperature does not necessarily fall below freezing for a frost event. Killing frost refers to a severe frost that will end the growing season, and would be associated with below freezing temperatures. Freeze refers to a situation where the temperature will fall to freezing or below.

At the end of the growing season, only the first freeze or killing frost is considered a hazard. After that, the threat of a frost or freeze is represented on the graphic as being "Over", and that county is colored gray. At the beginning of the growing season (average date of last freeze), all frost and freeze threats will be depicted.

This Outlook is an Experimental Product for Planning purposes Only!!!

The local frost/freeze hazard graphics are valid for roughly a 24 hour period from the time of issuance (between 4 AM and 6 AM) until 8 AM the following morning. The highest expected risk possible for the duration of the graphic will be depicted. Only one of the listed criteria needs to be met for inclusion in a higher risk category

Updates will be posted for significant forecast changes and as time permits. As the weather threat increases throughout the day, or becomes imminent, tornado watches and/or warnings will be issued.

The outlook graphics are an effort to improve the interpretation of our outlooks and statements. This product is provided for emergency managers, law enforcement, schools, local media, businesses, and the public. Use the graphical hazardous weather outlook to factor the threat of hazardous weather into your daily plans.

DISCLAIMER: This is an experimental service designed to supplement pre-existing, official means of communication. Timeliness and reliability of products obtained from the Internet are not guaranteed.

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This project is being developed in an effort to achieve goals set forth in the National Weather Service's Strategic Plan.

Updated 10/15/2004