National Weather Service, Newport, NC

Volume 7, Number 4 (#29) Nov. 2000-Jan.2001

Eastern North Carolina Snowfall

     Although significant snowfalls (amounts of  4 inches or more) are rare across eastern North Carolina,  heavy snow does fall over the  area at times. In fact, outside  of the mountains over the  western part of the state,  coastal sections of North Carolina have received heavier amounts than locations far inland. For example, the  record snowfall in Raleigh, 20  inches, which occurred January 20th, 2000, was surpassed by the Blizzard of March 1980, which paralyzed coastal sections from Jacksonville to Morehead City with 2 feet of snow.
     Light amounts of wintry precipitation occur every inter, with the greatest freuency inland away from the moderating influences of the ocean.
Light accumulations of now,
sleet, and freezing rain create
slick spots on roads and can
make travel a nightmare, especially on bridges and  overpasses which often freeze over first.
     The yearly average snowfall  for eastern North Carolina