Anemometer Tower
Anemometer Towers

Which Way is the Wind Blowing?

Wind is one of the most important elements in forecasting. In order to produce a high quality forecast, it is important to know how hard the wind is blowing and where it's blowing to. The tool that measures wind speed and direction is known as an anemometer. Anemometers can come in varying shapes and sizes, and we have 3 different looking ones here at our office. The most common type of anemometer is known as a cup anemometer. It is composed of 3 cups extending from a central point. The harder the wind blows, the faster the cup spins. Our cup anemometer is partnered with a wind vane that adds the direction. Another type of anemometer we have at the office is a propeller anemometer. This device looks like a fan with a tail. It is able to measure wind speed and direction as a single unit. The third type of anemometer we have also uses a cup for speed, however the vane portion is attached similar to the propellor anemometer.

Cup Anemometer
Closeup of a Cup Anemometer

Propeller Anemometer
Closeup of a Propeller Anemometer

A Different Cup Anemometer
A Different Cup Anemometer