OHRFC Experimental GEFSA-based Short-term Ensembles

Updated: 20120623-18:29 UTC Max Exceedance:   
Fcst Cycle: 2012/06/23 12 UTC Analysis Period: 06/24/2012 - 06/30/2012
Forecast hours: 168 Members: 12
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Experimental -- The information provided on this site is experimental,
is intended to provide an outlook in advance of a hydrologic event,
is produced automatically, and is not an official NWS forecast.

Official forecasts can be viewed on the NWS Advance Hydrologic
Prediction Services (AHPS) site (http://www.weather.gov/ahps)
or by clicking on this icon - - wherever it is found on these pages.
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The following table provides links to the graphics provided by the Ohio River Forecast Center
generated using GEFSA Ensembles and NWSRFS ESP.

Any questions, contact OHRFC

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