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Columbus, OH
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Port Columbus International Airport19:51Mostly Cloudy724843Vrbl 630.03
Columbus, Ohio State University Airport19:53A Few Clouds694847NW 630.04
Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base20:35Partly Cloudy734234Calm30.03
Lancaster, Fairfield County Airport19:53Partly Cloudy695255NW 330.04
Newark Heath Airport19:54A Few Clouds694745W 630.03
Columbus, Bolton Field Airport19:50Mostly Cloudy685256W 830.05
Mansfield Lahm Municipal Airport19:52Mostly Cloudy684951Vrbl 730.04
Marion Municipal Airport19:53Mostly Cloudy685053W 830.04
Zanesville Municipal Airport19:53Mostly Cloudy684951Vrbl 630.03
Wilmington, Airborne Airpark Airport19:54Mostly Cloudy684951Vrbl 730.06
Covington / Cincinnati, Cincinnati / Northern Kent19:52Partly Cloudy725148N 930.07
Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport19:51Partly Cloudy695051W 530.02
Akron-Canton Regional Airport19:51Mostly Cloudy704846W 8 G 1630.01
Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport19:51Mostly Cloudy655161SW 530.00
Cox Dayton International Airport19:56Mostly Cloudy715251Calm30.06
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