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Flood Safety Awareness Week

March 18-22 2013

Each year, more deaths occur due to flooding than from any other severe weather related hazard. The main reason is people underestimate the force and power of water. More than half of all flood related deaths result from vehicles being swept downstream. Of these, many are preventable.

Visit National Flood Safety Awareness Week Page for more information.

As we observe Flood Safety Awareness Week, New York City wanted to bring Notify NYC to your attention.

NOAA and the National Weather Service wants you to know that flooding is a coast to coast threat across the United States and its territories during all months of the year. Flood Safety Awareness Week is intended to highlight some of the many ways floods can occur, the hazards associated with floods, and what you can do to save life and property.


AHPS is the National Weather Service's frontline solution to provide improved river and flood forecasting as well as provide water information across America.

AHPS Tool Box

Local AHPS webpage for the NYC region

More than half of all flood related deaths result from vehicles being swept downstream. Of these, many are preventable. When driving at night, if you can't see the road due to flooding, be safe

Turn Around, Don't Drown!

Tropical Storm Irene NY Landfall 2011 

Flooding and Related Phenomena

Tropical Cyclone Inland Flooding

Snowmelt Flooding

Ice Jams

Dam Failures

Did you know that since 1970 more people have lost their lives from freshwater flooding associated with landfalling tropical cyclones than from any other weather hazard related to tropical cyclones?

Inland flooding information from FEMA

New York State ranks 2nd in ice jams events in the U.S.
What are Ice Jams?


Floods are America's #1 natural disaster. Protect your property. Protect yourself.

FloodSmart: Learn more about the types of flood risks your home and property are facing.


Did you know that flash floods are one of the top weather-related killers in the United States?

Are you ready for a flood or a flash flood?

Flash Floods and Floods...The Awesome Power! A Preparedness guide.

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