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New York, NY
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Snowfall Climatology for the Tri-State Region
2012 Update

nyc snowfall

Average Annual Snowfall

Map of Tri-State Snow Climatology Plainfield Cranford Brooklyn Brooklyn Kennedy Laguardia Laguardia Laguardia Laguardia Mineola Mineola Mineola Mineola Mineola Mineola Mineola Kennedy SetauketStrong Riverhead Riverhead Riverhead Bridgehampton Bridgehampton Riverhead Riverhead NYC NYC NYC NYC NYC Newark Newark CanoeBrook CanoeBrook CanoeBrook MidlandPark MidlandPark MidlandPark NYC NYC Bridgeport Bridgeport Bridgeport Bridgeport Bridgeport Bridgeport Bridgeport WhitePlains MountCarmel MountCarmel Groton Groton Groton Groton Groton Groton Norwich Norwich Norwich Cockaponset Cockaponset Cockaponset Cockaponset Danbury Danbury Danbury Danbury Danbury YorktownHeights YorktownHeights DobbsFerry GreenwoodLake GreenwoodLake GreenwoodLake CanoeBrook Charlottesburg Charlottesburg YorktownHeights GreenwoodLake GreenwoodLake WestPoint WestPoint Walden Gardnerville Gardnerville Walden WestPoint Gardnerville Walden PortJervis WhitePlains DobbsFerry SetauketStrong BNL BNL

For complete snowfall statistics based on the period of record data, click on the map for the location nearest you...or choose from the dropdown list below.

Ranked Station Averages
Larger Version of the Map

For further information on climate normals, click here.

For climate normals, including snowfall, for sites within the Tri-State region, click here.

For one, two and three day snowfall records, click here.


*NWS Definition of Period of Record: the full length of a station's records from beginning of observations to present.

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