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WRF ARW Model Configuration at RAH

        Model Computational Domain Information

             Note: MOAD - Mother Of All Domains

             WRF Core                        :  Advanced Research WRF Model (ARW)
             Number of Domains               : 1
             MOAD Grid Dimensions (W-ExS-N)  : 290x255
             MOAD Grid Spacing               :  4.0 km
             Map Projection                  : Lambert
             MOAD Center Lat/Lon             : 35.7,-79.8
             MOAD Timestep                   : 24s
             Vertical ETAP Levels            : 45
             Pressure at Model Top           : 50 mb

         WRF Run Dynamics Configuration

             Model Dynamics                  : Non Hydrostatic
             Time Integration                : Runge-Kutta 3rd Order
             Turbulence and Mixing Option    : Evaluates Mixing Terms in Physical Space
             Eddy Coefficient Option         : Horizontal Smagorinsky First Order Closure
             Upper Level Damping             : Off
             Vertical Velocity Damping       : On

         WRF Run Physics Configuration

             Cumulus Scheme                  : None
             Cumulus Timestep                : 5 Minutes
             Microphysics Scheme             : WSM6 Microphysics 
             Moisture (Q) Threshold Plan     : Set All Q Fields to Threshold
             Moisture Threshold              : 1.e-8
             Boundary Layer Scheme           : Yonsei University scheme (YSU)
             Boundary Layer Timestep         : 0 Minutes
             Land-Surface Scheme             : Noah 4-Layer Land Surface Model
             Number of Soil Layers           : 4
             Source of Landuse and Soil Data : Standard Initialization (SI)
             Surface Layer Scheme            : Janjic Similarity
             Include Surface Fluxes          : Yes
             Long Wave Radiation             : GFDL
             Short Wave Radiation            : GFDL
             Radiation Timestep              : 4 Minutes
             Include Clou12 Effects           : Yes

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