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Charleston, West Virginia

The NWS Charleston climate database is online!!!

What you see below is a Java applet that will present the data to you. Therefore, you MUST have Java enabled on your browser!!! You may need to scroll up and down to see the whole window. To select the data you want, simply pick the site, type of report, and date. Press the "Get the data!" button, and the climate data will appear in the window. We have added data for Parkersburg as of September 1, 2002!

We offer two types of reports, the "Daily Report" and the "Monthly Summary." The "Daily Report" is just that...a report on the temperatures, precipitation, and other data from the day in question. The "Monthly Summary" will be a general overview of the month, with totalled and averaged data. This type of report will ONLY be available after the month in question is over. The report requires parameters which are not totalled until the end of the month. The day column is ignored when a "Monthly Summary" is selected.

The dataset currently runs from January 1, 1990 up to March 23, 2003. Data after 3/23/03 can be found in the F6 climate summaries on the main climate page. A few more points:
  • Record temperatures should be up to date for the most part through the year in question.
  • If you see an asterisk (*) with a record temperature year, that indicates that this record temperature has occurred on multiple occasions, with the given year being the latest occurrance.
  • If you try to access a Monthly Summary for any month after February 2003, the applet will report an "invalid date."
  • *IMPORTANT* This is NOT official, certified climate data. This is preliminary data intended for general use...not for official uses such as litigation. For certified climate records, please contact the National Climatic Data Center.

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