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Charleston, West Virginia

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Click on the tower of interest on the map below to listen selected broadcast products or to view a listening area.

Image Map of Transmitters

Stations Across the Region
Station Call Name Frequency
Ashland, KY KIH - 39 162.550 MHz
Athens, OH KZZ - 46 162.425 MHz
Backbone Mountain, WV (Parsons) KXI - 73 162.450 MHz
Beckley, WV WXM - 71 162.550 MHz
Bridgeport, OH WWF - 35 162.525 MHz
Cambridge, OH (High Hill) WXJ - 47 162.475 MHz
Charleston, WV WXJ - 84 162.400 MHz
Clarksburg, WV WXJ- 85 162.550 MHz
Garfield, WV WXM - 70 162.500 MHz
Gilbert, WV WXM - 75 162.475 MHz
Gregg Knob, WV KWN - 36 162.500 MHz
Hinton, WV WXM - 72 162.425 MHz
Marietta, OH WNG-734 162.400 MHz
Monterville, WV KXI - 74 162.525 MHz
Moorefield, WV WXM - 73 162.400 MHz
Morgantown, WV KWN - 35 162.475 MHz
Paintsville, KY WWG - 28 162.525 MHz
Sutton, WV WXM - 74 162.450 MHz
WXJ-47 Cambridge WWF-35 Bridgeport KWN-35 Morgantown KWN-36 Gregg Knob KWN-36 Gregg Knob KXI-73 Backbone Mountain (Parsons) WXM-73 Moorefield, WV Transmitter KXI-74 Marietta, OH Transmitter KXI-74 Monterville, WV Transmitter KZZ-46 Athens, OH Transmitter KIH-39 Ashland, KY Transmitter WXJ-75 Gilbert, WV Transmitter WXJ-85 Clarksburg, WV Transmitter WXM-71 Beckley, WV Transmitter WXM-70 Garfield, WV Transmitter WXM-74 Sutton, WV Transmitter WXJ-84 Charleston, WV Transmitter WWG-28 Paintsville WXM-72 Hinton
National Listing of NOAA Weather Radio Stations
NWR Information
Programming Schedule
Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) Codes for our area
National SAME Code Listing

NWS Charleston NWR Brochure Part 1 (PDF) Part 2 (PDF)

Receiver Recalls
For information on Weather Radio receiver recalls, go to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission web site and choose "Radios Weather" in the product Type list.

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